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Associate Member: American Foreign Service Association

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Your Pet's Personal Pet Travel Agency
We Provide PET SHIPPING and RELOCATION for Domestic and Worldwide (International) Pet Travel by AIR
Also, Door to Door, Over the Road Pet Transport thru-out: Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware. Washington DC, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Georgia (Atlanta)
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Associate Member:
American Foreign Service Association

USDA Animal Welfare Act Intermediate Handler Cert # 54 H 0004

ALL of our services are Personalized for your Pets' comfort and safety, and YOUR peace of mind

Member of Animal Transportation Association

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Beware Of 3rd Party Pet Shippers

 You can be sure that the IPATA Proficency Course is designed to Rip you off EVEN  More!  I bet on it!!

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 MOST Pet Shippers (ipata members) will NOT itemize their charges for YOU! (We itemize ALL charges) MOST inflate the airline cargo charges and door to door services.  You have this right to know exactly what you are spending and for what!
WHY? Would you spend $3000 to $6000 MORE than necessary to use a MIDDLEMAN?
If you use an IPATA 3rd party Pet Shipper, You WILL spend several thousands of dollars MORE than necessary !!
Before you lockin with PetRelocation.com in Austin, TX you may want to read what some of their current and former employees have to say! May save you many thousands of dollars?? 




HELP!!! Take your PET  ANYWHERE!! 
We invite you to contact all of our local competitors (All are expensive IPATA members): info@animailers.com;dogman@clubpet.comlankers@penderAIR.cominfo@capitalpetmovers.com  Compare their MUCH higher prices vs our charges. They ALL have much less experience..(Pender a few months)  Ask who has actual worldwide personal travel experience with pets? I and my first schnauzer traveled together on two trans-Atlantic steamships, one trans Pacific ship.  Also Jet flight to Hawaii.  3 1/2 months auto travel thruout Europe! Ask who is a military veteran (none to my knowledge. I am!)   NEVER accept one total blanket charge.  Too many hidden fees can be concealed!!  If a foreign pet shipper wants to use one of these on your pet's return to CON US, insist they use us, saving you MUCH money!!
PRE-Founding Member of IPATA circa1977
Action Pet Express and Action Pet Relocation Animal (Pet) Movers
Being a 'proud member' of IPATA is a guarantee of HIGHER prices, so stick with a TRUE Independent like: Action Pet Express!!

We Provide HANDS ON Pet Shipping (our OWN hands, NOT an Expensive 3rd party shipper) to ALL Areas of the WORLD by Air  We have agents EVERYWHERE to work with

Please contact us.  FREE  UNLIMITED Consultations

How to ship a pet? How to ship a cat? How to ship a dog? How to ship any animal?  We have the complete answer and offer complete assistance, often at NO cost to you!
(this is Actors and Others for Animals located in California...)
 When Experience COUNTS, (over 45 yrs)
Action Pet Express Pet Movers  is your Logical BEST Choice!

Be sure to contact us will ALL questions regarding: Pet Shipping Cost and Pet Transportation Service(s)
 We are located within minutes of: Greater Washington DC, and following airports:
Dulles, Reagan and BWI Baltimore
If you get tired waiting for other pet shippers to respond to your needs, give us a call... WE ARE QUICK to respond.
We are available 24/7
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We Sincerely TRY to Abide by the Golden Rule in ALL  Our Business and Personal Relationships...

Why pay Hundreds of dollars to other pet shippers for Consultation; and Pet Move Administrative fees?  We are FREE!

Pet Shipping,Transportation & Relocation,
Animal Shipping Worldwide

Worldwide & Domestic lowest rate pet relocation, veteran owned, since 1969
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Offering Pet Shipping, transportation & relocation, Animal Shipping services and more.

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Pet Shipping,Transportation & Relocation, Animal Shipping Worldwide

Pet Shipping,Transportation & Relocation, Animal Shipping Worldwide

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Pet Shipping,Transportation & Relocation, Animal Shipping Worldwide

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Pet Shipping,Transportation & Relocation, Animal Shipping Worldwide

Pet Shipping,Transportation & Relocation, Animal Shipping Worldwide







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Pet Shipping and Relocation includes: moving pets moving dogs moving cats moving animals to/from:

UK England | Scotland | Ireland | Spain | Portugal | France | Netherlands | Denmark | Sweden | Norway | Finland | Germany | Russia | Italy | Austria | Switzerland | Greece | Turkey | UAE | Qatar | Kuwait | Israel | Jordan | South Africa | Australia | New Zealand | Japan | Okinawa | China | Hong Kong | Korea | Caribbean | Mexico | Brazil | Argentina British Isles Costa Rica Panama Bermuda Virgin Islands Puerto Rico

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Indeed, ALL cities of the World | Montreal | Toronto | Vancouver | Bangalore | Chennai | Mumbai | Delhi | New Delhi | Jaipur | Hyderabad | Bangkok | Manila | New York | Boston | Philadelphia | Newark | Washington DC | Baltimore | Dulles | Norfolk | Virginia Beach | Atlanta | Jacksonville | Miami | Tampa | Knoxville | Nashville | Kansas City | St Louis | Chicago | Detroit | Cleveland | Pittsburg | Minneapolis | St Paul | Denver | Salt Lake City | Seattle | Portland | San Francisco | Los Angeles | San Diego | Phoenix | Reno | Las Vegas | Dallas | Ft Worth | Houston | Austin | Honolulu | Hawaii Guam | Tucson | Anchorage | Alaska | San Jose |  Texas Arizona California Washington Florida Colorado Ohio Illinois Oklahoma Nevada Missouri Kansas Oregon Maine Vermont New Hampshire Pennsylvania Georgia Tennessee New Mexico DEFRA European Union pet travel | patriot express | expatfinders | expatfinders-pets | american foreign service association afsa | expats | expats with pets | expats-pet travel and shipping foreign service | pet owners Tiertransport Hund Transport Katz Transport No Objection Certificate NOC capital pet movers pet travel scheme expatfinder expatfinder-pet expatfinder pet relocation companies pet shipping companies pet transportation companies ramstein ramstein afb ramstein pet kaiserslautern kaiserslautern pet






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