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USDA Intermediate Handler Cert # 54 H 0004
ARMY  VETERAN  owned since 1969
Located near Washington, D.C.
Dulles IAD, Reagan DCA, Baltimore BWI

Member:  ASTA  American Society Of Travel Agents

Associate Member:  American Foreign Service Ass'n

ALL of Our Services are Personalized for Your Pets' Comfort, Safety and Your Peace of Mind

We provide over the road Door to Door pet ( animal: dogs, cats) delivery thruout: Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North and South Carolina, Tennessee,

Washington DC, New Jersey


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Tel:  1-855-704-6682

We provide easy, affordable over the road Pet Travel to/from following military bases:  Quantico, Norfolk, Ft Belvoir, Ft Lee, Ft Bragg, Camp Lejeune, Ft Meade, Andrews AFB, Ft Knox, Dover AFB, Ft Campbell

Puppy, Kitten

Cat & Dog, Pet Services

 Dog -Contact Action Pet Express in Leesburg, Virginia for domestic and international pet transport and shipping services.    

We are the MOST experienced (over 48 years in the industry; hands on pet travel thru out Europe with my own 2 dogs, this past March); and MUCH less costly, than ALL other pet shippers and movers!

We will SAVE you Mega Bucks with ALL your Pet Travel Requirements!  Just ask us HOW!  Total FREE Unlimited Consultations!

You NEVER want to engage an IPATA pet shipper in USA to make travel arrangements for your Pet(s) from a Foreign Country to USA.  They MUST contact the same agents as you can, yourself, then they add fees of $2000 and often MORE.

DELTA airline, in Cahoots with IPATA, is REALLY ripping you off!  Read our first paragraph on Page... 3

Associate Member:
American Foreign Service Association

USDA Animal Welfare Act Intermediate Handler Cert # 54 H 0004

ALL of our services are Personalized for your Pets' comfort and safety, and YOUR peace of mind

Animal Transportation Association

Here is a list of Pet Shippers who SOLICIT delivery of animals to Experimental Laboratories ... Page... 18

Choosing The Best Pet Shipping Provider            

Our Pet Travel Planning page is ESSENTIAL  READING 
p..... 3

Please Visit Our TESTIMONIAL Page ...... p.10

........ Page...... 9

Military PCS  With  PETS ....... Page ..11   We are your very favorable ALTERNATIVE to PCSPETS in Raleigh, NC!  Be sure to check out their VERY  BAD reviews before spending money on them!

Diplomatic Mom               Dave Pernal             Jaymzee Cat (Another good reason to NOT use PET EXPRESS in San Francisco )


Please take time to see how 3rd party shippers are ripping you off for SEVERAL Thousands of dollars.... page 4, and the horrible truth about IPATA ..... page 17
Pet Travel Store in FL is a REAL Scam  Do NOT waste your money  p.20

CAUTION   RED FLAG   Starwood Animal Transport; Pet; and Happy Tails are ALL  VERY expensive 3rd party pet shippers who imply they have offices in Washington, DC area.  They DON'T.   Expect outragious prices if using them...

Think what you can do with the money you will SAVE by NOT using an IPATA  3rd Party Shipper!   BIG money, that is!

You can trust in Action Pet Express for providing professional and safe pet transportation. We have 47 years of experience in the business of making sure your pet family members (cat, dog,etc) travel in comfort and arrive safely. I, Jerry Mishler, Owner & U.S. Army Veteran, guarantee you will have great peace of mind after speaking with me. We cater to dogs, cats, birds and other beloved pets. I have experience with worldwide travel with my own dogs.

Why use someone who NEVER sees your pets, charges you several thousands of dollars just to make a couple phone calls and/or send a couple emails?  I will help you for FREE!  Check our Credentials...


We are often asked why someone should use Action Pet Express rather than another pet shipper! Really, it boils down to COSTS! Everyone provides pretty much the same services, etc! IPATA 3rd party pet shippers are just so much MORE expensive! We also ITEMIZE ALL of our services and costs. Most IPATA shippers REFUSE to as they really do NOT want you to know what you are actually paying! We ask ONE simple thing of YOU!
Just compare OUR Prices and Services with THEIRS!

Please be advised of expensive IPATA 3rd Party Pet Shippers WHO  ALSO solicit live animal transport to EXPERIMENTAL  LABORATORIES   see  page  18

You do NOT need to use an expensive IPATA Pet Shipper; nor IPATA Veterinarian; nor IPATA Kennel!  MOST airlines do NOT require IPATA Pet Shippers.  PLEASE check with us !  You may just SAVE Thousands of Dollars...

Using a 3rd Party Shipper ( A Middleman) is a TOTAL waste of Good Money...

Pet Travel Agency

We assist and advise regarding ALL paperwork (health and rabies certs, lab work when necessary, etc. We make ALL flight arrangements. We assist with ALL pickup and delivery services. We work with ALL Veterinarians, kennels, airlines, relocation services, moving companies, and anyone else involved in making this a safe and smooth pet shipping experience. We can also provide shipping kennels. We are a total and complete pet travel agency!  We follow your pet's every step; bark and meow; from pre-planning to final delivery.

Saving Money Planning Your Next Pet Travel

Do NOT use a pet shipper in USA to arrange shipment FROM a foreign country TO USA. Will cost you at least $3000 to $5000 MORE than necessary! Would you NOT want to save hundreds, even thousands, of DOLLARS? Avoid IPATA 3rd party shippers!! Read on !!
Happy Tails of Tucson, AZ says they have fair prices. Do NOT believe! They are amongst the worst Rip Offs in the industry! Just look at their Consultation Fees.. OUTRAGEOUS! You do NOT need to pay these. You can do MUCH better, even if you do not call us!

Most Pets being shipped TO; FROM; or TRANSIT THRU: Greater WASHINGTON, D.C. by IPATA shippers are handled by the VERY Expensive CAPITAL Pet Movers!! They are the IPATA agent most often used here! You do NOT need to use this VERY expensive service. We can SAVE you couple thousand dollars at least in most cases!! At least get our quote!! Our charge for Customs Clearance is $100.. What are they quoting you? Be sure to get itemized statement of ALL charges!

We can SAVE you SO much money by having pets shipped to us at Dulles IAD, then further shipping your pets on: Lufthansa, Qatar Air, South African Air, or British Air. Just ask us!!

VERY Useful:   APHIS Pet Travel
NO need to waste your money at Rip Off  Pet Travel Store   see page .. 20

Pet Shipping and Relocation includes: moving pets moving dogs moving cats moving animals to/from:

See Pages:  6  and 15


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