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IPATA..... The TRUE Story AND How They Are Ripping You OFF

The following are ALL  VERY expensive IPATA 3rd Party Pet Shippers out to Rip You Off  money wise: AirVets-DFW; Animal Land - Atlanta; Capital Pet Movers - Wash DC; Happy Tails - Arizona; Pender - Wash DC; Pet Express - SFO; Pet Relocation - Austin, TX; PuppyTravel - SLC..  The Following are ALSO 3rd Party Shippers Who ALSO Solicit Transport of Animals to Experimental Laboratories:  Air Animal - Tampa and Orlando; Airborne Animals - NJ; Animals Away - USA; AVICO - LAX; Charlotte Pet Services - CLT; Jet-A-Pet - USA; Mersant - USA; PCS Pets - RDU; Pet Air - Kansas City; PetsFly - Arizona; Starwood Transport - Boston and Houston; Pet Wagon - RDU; VIP - Portland; World Pet Travel - DFW.

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IPATA EXPOSE - Watch for slippery gimmicks to part your money from YOU.

IPATA is trying to monopolize the pet shipping business.  They are gradually making it so that you MUST use an IPATA member for ALL your shipping needs.  Of course, this is ILLEGAL.  This is against ALL rules of the Federal Trade Commission.  The recent announcement by Delta that they will NO longer take pets as excess baggage, only as cargo, fits into IPATA goals just right.  And they further announcement that ALL international bookings MUST be done by IPATA members ONLY.  IPATA will benefit nicely from all this and you the consumer will NOT! IPATA is trying to dispense with competition and this is illegal.

What are you going to do about it?  Contact the FTC for one thing.  United has some similar policies as well.  During all this some underhanded Price Fixing is going on... I am one of the very few shippers left that will give you an honest break!  Try us with using LUFTHANSA Worldwide compared with what IPATA shippers will try to extract from you!!

Air France and KLM are also members of IPATA and have for several years ONLY accepted pet bookings from IPATA members.  This is COLLUSION in the first degree...  There is NO safety or security reason that would require this!!  If there is any doubt in your mind as to the intentions of IPATA, read our NO EXCESS BAGGAGE page.....

You will NOT believe the latest rip off gimmick being utilized by IPATA members in the IPATA directory?  READ  ON....Within several state listings you will find ipata members from other parts of the country, even from Canada, listing themselves within a state to make you believe they actually have an office in that state.  This actually makes them a 3rd party shipper.  If you use one of these members your cost will skyrocket.... FOR  EXAMPLE...Under California, there are 23 listings, and only 12 are actually within California; under Illinois there are 7 listings and only 4 are actually in IL; and under Texas there are 20 listings and only 10 are actually in TX.... So, when you search for a pet shipper within a certain state, BE SURE that the member you contact is ACTUALLY  IN  THAT  STATE; and WITHIN  THE  CITY  OR   AREA  you need.  These particular members are trying to confuse you and rip you off.....
The Independent Pet & Animal Transportation Association Inc.
This might seem like a very long page, but is designed to save you Mega Bucks. Once you know what to expect from many IPATA members you can better plan your pet move.

VIEW which IPATA members solicit transport of live animals to the Experimental Laboratories.

Do yourself a valuable favor and read this page.  You may still use an IPATA member; you, might not even contact us. But, you should know what IPATA is all about. They ONLY have their members' interests (money grabbing tactics) as their best interests.  You, the client, pet owner, is ONLY a source of mega bucks to them.

IPATA will NOT accept emails from me. I suppose this should come as no surprise to me!  However, I do try to forward to them items of interest. (These are items that WOULD be of considerable interest to you, the pet owner) Thus, they are keeping this info from you.

Again. Not all IPATA members are this way.  I continue to refer pet owners to them ALL the time, when it is in their best interest.  It is the IPATA authority persons that I have a problem with. The Administration.
IPATA is pursuing a policy that would eliminate excess baggage shipments of pets on the airlines. That would require all airlines to accept pets ONLY as cargo for transport. They also want it to be required that ONLY  IPATA member agents be permitted to handle these shipments. This of course would add extreme expense to the pet owner. IPATA truly wishes to totally control the pet shipping industry. We have documents to prove this statement.
The recent episode with United assuming Continental's pet shipping policy proves this as well. Though CO did have overall a much more pragmatic shipping policy, they also had eliminated the excess baggage mode and allowed only cargo. This of course made all pet shipments much more expensive. United was doing well by offering excess baggage shipments for those owners who were flying with their pets.  All excess baggage pets and cargo pets fly in the same compartment. The only difference is: cargo is MUCH more expensive. So, greed was the only consideration. Continental airlines has had a VERY tight relationship with IPATA. In 2008 IPATA bestowed an 'excellence award' to CO. Couple months ago at their convention in Hong Kong, Ms Lisa Schoppa, of CO, received an 'industry partner award'   What these awards really meant I do not know.  I do know that Ms Schoppa constantly provided information and tips to IPATA members that she tried to keep from  non-IPATA members and the general public. Nothing to do with security or anything like that.  Through the years, it has been evident that IPATA has NOT always had the interest of the pet owner as a high priority. But has had the IPATA member  at high priority. An example is their refusal to try to have TSA relax their rules a bit to allow at least, military people to ship their own pets as cargo back to USA.  Even these war heroes MUST use a foreign pet shipper to ship, and at VERY high expense. And of course, most of these pet shippers are also IPATA members. Yes. Greed. Much more money in their pockets.
IPATA  has NO  requirement for membership other than having money to pay your dues!! NO test.  NO classes.  NO questions.  You need NOTHING but money to join.  Of course, registration with USDA, but this cost no money, and requires NO knowledge of the pet shipping business!  Oh yes.  One other little thing. How could I forget??  You MUST tow the line.  Mr Walter Woolf of Air Animal in Tampa rules with an iron fist.  I found this out the Hard Way.  One MUST not make any waves. You MUST  NOT criticize  ANYONE. You MUST NOT make any suggestions to improve the organization, unless His High Potentate, Walter, ok's it.  I spoke the truth about 3rd party pet shippers, and found myself out.  No trial, no opportunity to rebut.  Walter submitted several lies to the Ethics committee, and out was I. He had his lawyers send me a fact less letter of lies.  I corrected them to the lawyers, and have never heard another word from them.  I presented this all to IPATA Ethics Com and they would NOT respond to me.  Sir Walter snapped his fingers and that was it.  And yet, he remains in business, taking your money at a very high and unnecessary level.

Recently IPATA produced a new rag sheet called Animal Tracks.  They felt it was necessary to re-write history.  Told the membership their new version of the founding of IPATA during the Blizzard of 1978-9 in Chicago.  Big Deal.  Seems all of a sudden, six, not three, wise men and their families appeared out of the storm into a stable (Chicago hotel), and thus founded IPATA.  They felt it was NOT necessary to tell the 'rest of the story' as the late Paul Harvey would say.  That is, as I have told later on this very page, that the 3 original wise men, Frank, Sam and myself, held founding meetings long before the Big Blizzard.  Just a little petty, but that is IPATA for you.
Does seem that IPATA does NOT care about our returning service families.  No one has seen fit to reply to my
emails, shown below. I am sure that a major factor is: The fact that many IPATA members, in foreign countries, are making HUGE profits from the current TSA and U.S. Gove policies. Pet animals do, in fact, pose absolutely NO, repeat, NO, security threat whatsoever. What is the difference between pets returning as Excess Baggage, with no special security inspections, as opposed to cargo shipments?

I suggest pet owners make a real effort to find a freight forwarder or other cargo handler, OTHER  THAN, a pet shipper to do the pet shipping to the USA.  Save BIG money.

Also, you might go so far as to boycott these very expensive IPATA pet shippers.

Let's be powerful and do something about this outrageous policy.

Chapter # 1
IPATA was actually born in Chicago during the winter of 1978-9. With every birth there is an inception and gestation period. This occurred during the mid 1970's when Sam Wheeler of Wheeler's Airport Shelter in San Francisco; Frank Hasenauer of Jet Pets in Los Angeles; and, yours truly Jerry Mishler, held a series of meetings that became the germ that became IPATA Without these meetings, there would be NO IPATA today. This was a time with NO computers; NO websites; NO emails: No call forwarding; NO call waiting.

The ONLY real form of advertising was in the yellow pages of the printed telephone directory.

To this day, the IPATA administration refuses to acknowledge these facts. They deny the fact that: Sam, Frank and myself did indeed begin IPATA.

In late 1978 I sold my business in San Francisco to Nanci Wechsler, who changed  the name to: Pet Express.  I had
founded the business in 1969.  To this day, Pet Express denies there was a business before Pet Express of 1978.

Why are so many people in such a state of denial.

Chapter # 2
 In the early to mid-2000's when the pet purchase scams became very busy, I was one of the first to be affected.  My website was the first to be compromised and copied by the scammers. When I became aware of this, I contacted Cherie Derouin, the IPATA Association Director with what I thought was a fine idea. I could see this scamming thing as something to deal with IMMEDIATELY! I was so innocent that I thought IPATA might take a stand, and perhaps contact news sources such as USA Today, CNN, etc to provide a warning to the public. Oh! So innocent was I!!

Cherie made clear to me that this would NOT be a function of IPATA, that they were too busy.  That I should take this project on by myself if I felt so strong about it.  Not too much longer, the scammers went after the websites of some of the "movers and shakers" of IPATA.  Then, you know what?  The .... hit the fan. Suddenly IPATA decided to take this on.  Just took the right people to get shaken.  

Chapter # 3
About 5-6 years ago, IPATA held their annual convention in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Just prior to this, KLM, decided they would no longer take live animal bookings from the general public.  They appointed only certain 'special' IPATA members to be the ONLY ones that the public could book through.  NOT all IPATA members were so anointed.  I was not!!  Thus, handling fees went way up.  The pet owning public be Damned.  If you needed, or wanted, to use KLM, you will now pay a super high price!

KLM said this made life easier for them!

So, little ol' innocent, stupid me!! I again contacted IPATA to register my indignation.  I thought this was VERY unfair to the pet owner.  Thought IPATA might be able to take this up at their coming conclave in Amsterdam.

Turns out the 'special' IPATA members who were selected to be KLM approved booking agents, totally supported this KLM policy. Why not?  They were now able to make new, huge profits.

Recently, Lufthansa and Air France have also taken up a similar policy. Singapore Airlines have had a similar policy for quite some time.

Here we have foreign airlines operating out of the USA, taking such UNFAIR advantage of pet people.  This is NOT a security situation, no matter what you are being told.  This is indeed a profit motivated situation in which many IPATA pet shippers are reaping huge profits from YOU.

Fortunately, NOW, Action Pet Express can come to your rescue!

Chapter # 4
Recently another shipping kennel fell apart while in my custody. This had been provided by the owner, and seemed to meet minimum safety standards.  We of course replaced it with an appropriate one.

Finally, I sent an email to Petmate, the manufacturer.  Also, copied IPATA  administration, as well as the head pet people at several airlines, and also to Petsmart and Petco.

I have tried several times in the past to try to get IPATA to help address this issue of poorly constructed kennels.  And, the fact that Petmate continues to put tags on these kennels that they are airline approved.  In many cases, these kennels are NOT airline accepted.  At most, some might be approved for in cabin carry on.

The ONLY response I received was from customer care at Petsmart, thanking me for my interest.  Petmate, nor anyone else, responded.  I called Petmate and the customer service lady said she had received my email and had passed it on !!!!  It was her conclusion that the client should further check out the worthiness of the kennel, and so passed the buck.

Again, I have always felt that IPATA, should have taken some stand regarding the construction of shipping kennels.

A copy of this email will soon appear on p.3  Pet Travel Safety of my website.  Watch for it.

I asked the lady at Petmate if she recalls ever hearing from IPATA regarding this issue.  She said: "Who is IPATA?"  Enough said.

Chapter # 5
On 14 and 15 August 2010, The Mysterious Pet Traveler requested the following information from over 2 dozen prominent (?) and well versed (???) IPATA pet shippers.  Also contacted was: Cosmopolitan Canine Carriers (a non-IPATA member) and also Action Pet Express.  The question posed was:

Is there a cheaper and/or alternative  way to ship pets from the USA to the UK under the Pet Passport Program.  The answer is: YES. However, hardly anyone knows this.

Some IPATA members simply chose to ignore this request.  Perhaps they just did not know; or, they did NOT want the public to know the true answer as this would reduce their high profit margin! Air Animal in Tampa; AnimalLand in Atlanta; Happy Tails in Tucson: and Pacific Pet in Los Angeles did NOT respond.

Others who responded, for the most part, had NO clue; or, again, did NOT want the public to know the truth.

Puppy Travel in Salt Lake City stated they did NOT know what was meant by cheaper?  She indicated that they do NOT consult without fees!!!

Club Pet Cargo ONLY.  Approved routes ONLY.

Pets Fly and Jenni Redmond  Approved routes ONLY.  Clearly stated she does NOT know what is meant by Continent????

Pet Relocation in Spicewood, TX.   Matt said: Cargo ONLY. Their minimum charge was approximately starting at $1800 for a small pet.  Cargo ONLY

Shady Springs   Had NO clue.  Asked: Alternative to what? Cheaper than what?

Animal Motel in Milwaukee.  No. Cargo ONLY.Custom Kare at Nashville.  Absolutely NO clue

O'Briens in the San Franciso area.  Vanessa had no clue. Wanted to know what was meant by continent? 

Pet Air Carrier in Atlanta.  Nancy wanted to know cheaper than what?

VIP in Portland.  Sandy stated she does NOT understand the question.

Jet-a-Pet  Stated flatly that there is NO other way than cargo from USA to UK

Bobbie's World in Florida stated NO other way.

Life Unleashed.  Kathleen is not aware of any other way

Canine Carriers.  Kathy had NO clue

Pet Express in San Francisco.   NO clue

The biggest surprise came from: Sally Smith of Airborne Animals in New Jersey.  She is the current president of IPATA.  She certainly should know the correct answer. BUT, get this.....  She stated that the pets MUST travel ONLY as cargo; or go into quarantine.

The current program as proposed by DEFRA would have pets going as cargo only to UK from the USA.  HOWEVER, a lesser known way is this:

Pets  CAN travel as excess baggage (checked baggage) with a passenger, to the Continent. This is MUCH  cheaper.  Also, allows for the use of many other airlines!!!!! Pets would then apply for the EU Pet Passport, and receive the tick and tape work treatment at the appropriate time, then travel on to UK at the very lesser expensive way by road and boat.  That way there are NO excessive entry charges for the pets into UK.  My understanding is that air travel from the continent to UK is still as cargo, and more expensive.  So, pets from USA would travel to UK same as their European cousins can do.  Of course, ALL pet entry into UK has to meet other UK pet entry requirements.

All subsequent correspondence from the Mysterious Pet Traveler indicated that pet owner was relocating to UK from USA and had to buy his own ticket.  So, this should have opened up to IPATA pet shippers that the owner would be available to take pets as excess baggage via Europe.

ONLY  one IPATA pet shipper knew the truth, and was willing to pass this on to the public. This was: Rosemary Filippelli with World Wide Pet Transport in New York City.

Of course, Action Pet Express  ALSO knew the truth, and we always pass this on to the public!!

The BIG question here is:  Are you still willing to have these pet shippers take care of your precious pet family members?  Do they know the truth?  Are they willing to pass on to you the true facts, even though it might reduce their profits?

To think that ALL the above IPA TA members did NOT know the true facts about shipping pets to UK; or, they would NOT pass this info on to you because it could reduce their profits!

Suggest you ALWAYS get several opinions.  ALWAYS, demand total itemization of ALL charges.

Or, simply contact Action Pet Express for ALL your needs!

Before you lock in with in Austin, TX you may want to read what some of their current and former employees have to say! May save you many thousands of dollars??


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