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3rd party shippers NEVER see your pets.  They just see how much money they can take from you! 

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We HELP with ALL  DETAILS!!  Fraction of Costs of IPATA Shippers 

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ARMY VETERAN owned since 1969
Located near Washington, D.C.
Dulles IAD, Reagan DCA, Baltimore BWI

Member: ASTA American Society Of Travel Agents

Associate Member: American Foreign Service Ass'n

Many petshippers offer:  Gold Standard; White Glove; VIP; World Class; etc etc  This is Total BALONEY!!!  This is so they can Over charge you!  Check out their SUPER high prices and refusal to itemize!  Try reaching them AFTER their Banker Hours of operation...  We will make LIFE during Pet Relocation SO much easier for you!

We fully ITEMIZE  ALL charges before you sign up with us!  DO  THEY?


Member of Animal Transportation Association

Global Pet Transportation at a MUCH lower cost than IPATA pet shippers

24 hour Ground  (Door to Door) Dog, Cat and other Pet Animal Delivery

Kitten and Puppy


CALL us anyway!  We ALWAYS offer FREE Money Saving Advice!

Cat & Dog, Pet Services


Military Pets PCS

I am an Army veteran ('K' town Germany) assisting ALL veterans, active duty military, state department , DOD, and ALL government families with their family pet relocations at the MOST favorable shipping costs!  NO rip offs here!  We can get pets onto Lufthansa to nearly EVERY place in the world!!

Beware:  The VERY super high prices of Happy Tails in Tucson!  They are a notorious high priced 3rd party shipper!

Read:  www.afsa.org/pets

NO matter where you are now!  NO matter where you are going!  We gladly provide you with Unlimited FREE Consultations regarding your PCS !!   BEWARE!!  The offers of Military discounts by most pet shippers is only a  RIP  OFF  Gimmick..... Sorry.. Their prices are SO very high to begin with, a discount amounts to NOTHING.....It's the price you end up paying that you MUST be concerned with... Be sure to compare ALL quotes with ours...

Shipping pets to OKINAWA is now very complicated and can be VERY  Expensive... Watch out.   For this reason we offer at ALL times  FREE CONSULTATION on the phone.  Way too much info for email.  We NEVER  Rip you off. 

Why use a NON-veteran, for your precious pet, who has NO idea about Military needs?

We provide easy OVER THE ROAD PET TRANSPORTATION to/from following military bases: MCB Quantico, Langley AFB, Fort A P Hill, Fort Belvoir, Fort Eustis, Fort Lee, Fort Myer, Fort Pickett, Radford, Warrenton Training Center, Henderson Hall, NAB Little Creek, NAS Oceana, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, NSNorfolk, NSA Norfolk, NWS Yorktown, The Pentagon, Pope AFB, Fort Bragg, Camp Lejeune, MCAS Cherry Point, Seymour Johnson AFB, Fort Jackson, Fort Meade, Andrews AFB, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Naval Acadamy, NSF Indian Head, Fort Knox, Fort Campbell

Very Helpful ....  www.europa.eu 


The following airlines have service between BOTH Narita and Osaka to Naha:
All Nippon, Japan Airlines, Peach,Skymark and Jetstar.  I do NOT know their pet policies within Japan.  You will be best advised to contact all of these carriers....    Also; Lufthansa  has flights to Osaka and Narita.  This could be a lifesaver....

You might be able to transfer pets from CONUS to OKA on Japan Airlines as excess baggage. Get this info from Japan Air.

Remember..... Ft Sam Houston will do ALL blood tests for you at much cheaper cost than the private labs used by most Veterinarians

SEARCH:   Fort Sam Houston FADL      and     DoD FADL Pet Travel Requirements    

 We can assist with ALL pet travel on Patriot Express

For assistance with pets returning to CONUS from Japan and Okinawa, visit:

For ALL of you with any questions as to pcsing with pets, I am here for you.  I may not always be able to help you directly, but I can, and will, provide the very best advice and assistance possible.  I don't know if any other professional pet shippers are veterans, BUT, I am the ONLY one proud enough to say so......

Whether you're: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, State Department, Department of Defense, or any other branch of service, I can help.

Many of you need help when AMC can not help. When you must travel on a U.S. carrier and they don't always go where you need to go.

When you need emergency boarding. I  UNDERSTAND, and I CAN HELP. I don't gouge you money wise.

We work with agents worldwide.

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