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International Pet Animal Relocation

USDA Intermediate Handler Cert # 54 H 0004
ARMY  VETERAN  owned since 1969
Located near Washington, D.C.
Dulles IAD, Reagan DCA, Baltimore BWI

Member:  ASTA  American Society Of Travel Agents

Associate Member:  American Foreign Service Ass'n

ALL of Our Services are Personalized for Your Pets' Comfort, Safety and Your Peace of Mind

We provide over the road Door to Door pet ( animal: dogs, cats) delivery thruout: Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North and South Carolina, Tennessee,

Washington DC, New Jersey


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Tel:  1-855-704-6682

We provide easy, affordable over the road Pet Travel to/from following military bases:  Quantico, Norfolk, Ft Belvoir, Ft Lee, Ft Bragg, Camp Lejeune, Ft Meade, Andrews AFB, Ft Knox, Dover AFB, Ft Campbell

Puppy, Kitten

Over the Road, Door to Door Pet Transportation (Relocation, Pickup and Delivery)

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Sadly, there are many Rip Offs in this business!  Many 'cute' websites!  If they do NOT show their physical address and/or phone # just do NOT continue with them!  They MUST also display their USDA #....

Also, do NOT do business with:  UShip; Citizens Pet Shippers, ROADIE or SHIPPEROO.  These firms put your needs out to bid.  Often, shady characters provide very low bids, often for drug money, and your pets NEVER arrive.... At best, your pets do NOT get exercised properly, or fed and watered.  Deal ONLY with legitimate pet transporters!!

At this time, we do NOT feel we have enough facts on file to recommend anyone in particular.

 For long distance over the road services, best to Google for terms such as:  Over the road pet transportation;  Door to door pet transportation, etc
Shop around for best price.  Speak with the company owners to make sure you feel comfortable to place your beloved pets into their care for several days....

We at Action Pet Express can handle a door to door, over the road trip, of approximately 400 mile radius of Greater  Washington  DC

VERY IMPORTANT:  Many companies that offer this service offer low prices.... In order to survive, they MUST pack many different pets into their vehicle. Coming from different backgrounds, your pet(s) will be exposed to many viruses, and other potential health hazards.....  Look out for your pets welfare......

When we transport your pet(s), your pet(s) are the ONLY ones we have in our vehicle at any one time......

We know that some over the road pet transporters will allow your pet(s) to travel loose.   This is VERY dangerous.

You may pay a little more with us, but, your pet(s) will be MUCH safer........
We cover the following states by road: Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, WASHINGTON D.C. and to the U.S.-Canadian Border
Our Primary Airports are: Washington Dulles, Washington Reagan, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Newark, and JFK; PLUS, 100's of smaller and private airports...
We do ALL of our own animal delivery...... Nothing farmed out....
MOST  IPATA members farm out their over the road travel...Often using persons NOT familiar with pet travel, or how to handle an EMERGENCY.
Make sure above drivers are ALL well experienced with medical and veterinary needs.  ALL should have had completed the American Red Cross  Pet First Aid course including CPR; and carry a pet first aid kit, as we do.

Be VERY cautious using:   American Expediting Co. in Philadelphia.  Few, if ANY, of their drivers are experienced pet handlers.  None probably have had the Red Cross training class in Pet First Aid, or carry a pet first aid kit.  These companies are often used by IPATA pet shippers in order to reduce their costs, and increase the charges to the client.

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