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3rd party shippers NEVER see your pets.  They just see how much money they can take from you! 

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ARMY VETERAN owned since 1969
Located near Washington, D.C.
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Member: ASTA American Society Of Travel Agents

Associate Member: American Foreign Service Ass'n

Many petshippers offer:  Gold Standard; White Glove; VIP; World Class; etc etc  This is Total BALONEY!!!  This is so they can Over charge you!  Check out their SUPER high prices and refusal to itemize!  Try reaching them AFTER their Banker Hours of operation...  We will make LIFE during Pet Relocation SO much easier for you!

We fully ITEMIZE  ALL charges before you sign up with us!  DO  THEY?


Member of Animal Transportation Association

Global Pet Transportation at a MUCH lower cost than IPATA pet shippers

24 hour Ground  (Door to Door) Dog, Cat and other Pet Animal Delivery

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CALL us anyway!  We ALWAYS offer FREE Money Saving Advice!

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     Dog -Contact Action Pet Express in Leesburg, Virginia for domestic and international pet transport and shipping services.

Basic PET Shipping Info and Important LINKS

We've been setting the High Standards of CareFirst Pet Travel since 1969!

With a Pet Relocation going from point "A" to point "B", why would you wish to contact someone at point "ZERO" Makes NO sense! A middleman will only end up costing you several thousands of dollars MORE than you need spend! Best to contact a pet shipper at point A and/or point B. Contact us TODAY for FREE advice. NO obligation. Our consultations are Always FREE We highly recommend 97% of the IPATA members. Find out which ones we DON'T !! Then save yourself MEGA bucks.

VERY interesting and helpful pet travel articles: Type in and search: "How to travel safely with fido and fluffy


www.jaymzeecat.blogspot.com/2010/11 /my-experience-with-worlcare-pet.html 

These comments fully support our total opposition to using a 3rd party pet shipper... The company named is actually one of the few really good pet shippers so we did NOT name them on our 3rd party page.  Even the best can make serious mistakes.  We get comments everyday from other pet owners who have had a bad experience and/or have huge estimates to run by us... We still advocate using ones own veterinarian whenever possible.  Do NOT leave this up to a 3rd party middleman.... If this lady had contacted a local pet shipper instead of a 3rd party shipper she would not have had the problems she did have... and, the total costs would have been a fraction of what she ended up paying.... Most 3rd party pet shippers are out to Rip you off.  

Below are several important LINKS that will help you....

 VISIT:  www.petfriendlytravel.com a pet travel guide that includes information on Pet Friendly accommodations, restaurants, beaches, camp grounds, and MUCH more !

For those interested in SAFE pet handling while driving:  visit: www.CenterForPetSafety.org  Seat Belts for pets.....

 www.horseflight.com www.europa.eu   

Airline Live Animal Acceptance  click on Travel Info; click on Travel w/ Animals; click on Procedures for Animal Shippers; click on  Live Warm Blooded Animal Acceptance Checklist 

Airline Animal Incident Reports:
www.dot.gov/airconsumer/air-travel- consumer-reports

Also, visit: Pet Air Travel Safety For assistance with pets returning to CONUS FROM JAPAN AND
OKINAWA visit:  

www.diplomaticmom.blogspot.com/ 2011/06/how-to-not-ship-fat-cat-abroad-and-sale. html 



Up to date WEATHER  INFO
Pet Shipping thruout the Caribbean, Mexico and Latin America  to/from Miami   www.amerijet.com All cargo airline....   No breed restrictions...  No temperature restrictions...

(this is Actors and Others for Animals located in California...)

We comply with ALL regulations of the USDA Animal Welfare Act in ALL phases of our work.. Your pet is ALWAYS in a TOTAL Smoke Free, Alcohol Free and Drug Free environment while in our care.... 


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