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A Major  Ripoff  SCAM   Look Out. Do NOT spend money with this outlandish Scam Outfit.

They attempt to sell for the most part, totally non-usable forms called 'Pet Passports'..... 95% of the forms are totally useless.... And, they charge anywhere from $12.50 to $27.50 and more; forms that are provided  FREE  from your veterinarian and the USDA... Also, can be downloaded on the internet for FREE.....


Pet Passports are ONLY provided for use in the European Union.  ONLY!!  You can get them ONLY from European Veterinarians.  You can NOT secure these forms in the USA, or anywhere else than the EU....  Pet Travel Store will sell you a form called "Airlines Form"  There is NO such thing.  Airlines ONLY accept the standard health certificate issued in each respective country.  Health certifications must be either on a Veterinarian's letterhead, or an official form issued by the State or Country.  Such a form is: the APHIS 7001 issued in the USA.  This form is now available for download, for FREE.. Why pay Pet Travel Store mega bucks for this? They try to sell you a: Titer Test Form; and a Hotel certificate.... How insane.  No One accepts these forms. Titer test results are on their own forms. Also, info is put onto the EU annex II form, when necessary. They want to sell you something called the 'Tick and Tapeworm' certificate.  No such thing.  Same goes for a 'service animal' certificate and acclimation certificate.  Total waste of your money.

There is a space # 9 on the APHIS 7001 for ALL such remarks or additional certification statements.... They are selling a Pet Passport for entry into the USA... NO such thing exists... You simply need, and MUST have, a health certificate issued in the country you are departing...

On the Pet Travel Transport website, they state, under 'About Us' that they are recommended by the USDA.. This is a total lie and fraudulent statement.  This has been recently  reported to the USDA office in Florida.  Pet Travel has been advised to remove this from their site.  As of now, they have NOT.  They are stating that they are recommended by the U.S. State Dept. Another lie... State Dept makes NO recommendations, and so state on their own site.  Pet Travel claims they are recommended by the military. Another lie...

They attempt to sell you, for mega bucks, pet passports for all countries in the world. NO such document exists.  This just goes on and on.... Mega bucks for bogus forms.....

Our policy, when contacted, is to refer persons directly to pet shippers in countries where they exist.  They are the best source for up to date entry and export info.  We of course re-check everything as well....

And, we charge NOTHING to consult with you. NO hidden fees....  If you doubt above info, simply contact your local USDA office. Ask them if these above forms are useful....

This page has been forwarded to the following Directors of IPATA for their review.  We would attempt to forward to their Ethics Committee, but they will NOT accept such reports from me, and have always failed to act upon such violations of their very own Code of Ethics...

Las Lunas, Capital Pet Movers, Airborne Animals, Petsfly, Dogtainers, AirVets and Starwood Animal Transport.   Derrick, at Capital Pet Movers is scheduled to be the next president of IPATA.  Let's see what he has to say, and what action they will take ??

Many countries, themselves, do NOT really care that much about a health certificate. Their main concern is validity of rabies vaccines... It is usually the airline(s) who care more about the health certificate.  They do NOT want to be held liable for carrying pets that are un-healthy and could pose a problem to other pets.  The APHIS 7001 is the best health certificate.  Since this form can now be downloaded, unscrupulous people can download, fill out the form, and sign as if they were a veterinarian themselves.  The primary reason for USDA endorsement is: To authenticate the veterinarian's signature as a properly licensed veterinarian. It acts as a Notary Public of sorts.  This is really protection for you and your pet(s)....

It is so sad that Pet Travel Store is trying to work on your sensitivities and build on the term 'Pet Passport'   Makes it sound like these forms are really useful and necessary. The truth is, that those forms which really are useful are really ALL  FREE to you..  A good responsible pet shipper, such as ourselves, will ALWAYS provide all the necessary travel info you will need, free of charge... And, NOT try to sell you junk paperwork....

Read this example:
Pet Travel Store will charge you $27.50 for the following MIS-information.....
Pets going to South Africa   ZA    Pets to ZA MUST travel ONLY as cargo.  They do NOT tell you this....They say all pets need blood tests.... Incorrect.  ONLY  Dogs do.  Blood tests for four different diseases... They include an airline health certificate.  There is NO such thing... Just a bogus form they provide.
They do NOT mention that SAA  South African Airlines is a fraction of the cost of other airlines.  They provide a bogus blood test form.   ZA has their own health certificate that fully explains their entry requirements.  This certificate has all spaces to complete blood work results, etc.  NO other special form.  This form can be downloaded from USDA on the internet  FOR  FREE   and  There is NO such thing as a Pet Passport to ZA; or, anywhere else (only provided within EU, by EU Veterinarians)

Pet Travel Transport is a member of IPATA.
IPATA has a very strict Code of Ethics (???)
So strict they will NOT honor complaints with even an acknowledgement.... Their code has strict issues about member firms providing the public with false and misleading advertisements.  What could be more false than this?  Yet, IPATA refuses to deal with this issue.  Remember: Animal Land in Atlanta has been telling the public, they have offices on 5 continents.... This is such a total lie it is sickening... Yet, IPATA allows them to continue to do this....  Yet, IPATA came down hard on me when I blew the whistle about the practices of 3rd party pet shippers.   Guess it's who you know.

Pet Travel Store ads are popping up all over the internet.  Look Out..... They are selling shipping kennels for almost twice what you would pay at Petsmart.... Yes.  True.  They charge you extra for hardware that normally comes with the kennel.   You should contact IPATA and complain.   IPATA is allowing this Rip Off company to keep taking money from the innocent....   Just another SCAM that IPATA will do nothing about.....

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