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Global Pet Transportation at a MUCH lower cost than IPATA pet shippers

24 hour Ground (Door to Door) Dog, Cat and other Pet Animal Delivery

SAVING  MONEY!     It will take you just a couple minutes to read this entire page.  The info will SAVE you thousands of dollars! 


Many relocation companies, moving companies, even the relocation office of one's employment...... Will direct you to an IPATA pet shipper.  This will be a VERY costly event in your life.  (They direct you because of the kickbacks they receive!)
A FREE phone call to us may just save you several thousands of dollars.....

Dog and Cat

Lufthansa, the German airline, reaches about 98% of the WORLD.. We can book with them at Washington Dulles  IAD..  We have MANY people after getting bank busting quotes from other pet shippers, ship their pet(s) to us, then we further ship on LH..  YES, this can, and does, save you several thousand dollars.  YOU can save BIG money.  Let us explain, FREE of charge, and you are under NO obligation...!!

A female member of our U.S. Military wanted to take two small dogs back with her from Atlanta, GA to Germany.
She sent emails to several pet shippers.  It was very clear that she had two small 15 lb. dogs and wanted them
on the same plane.  This following response from Animal Land in Atlanta is just an example of the OBSCENE
treatment given to the pet traveling public by ALL of the 3rd party pet shippers.  NO effort was made by
Animal Land to determine size of pets or anything else that would be helpful to determine price.  Animal Land
shot off their usual OVER priced estimate, hoping the client would NOT question the charges.  I continue to
advise EVERYONE to demand a complete itemization of ALL charges.

Animal Land Pet Movers is hardly the industry leader unless you count over pricing!  An estimate of $4295  YES
an estimate of $4295 was provided..... And, for what?  Was this for cargo? Excess baggage?  How could they
arrive at this price without knowing the size of kennels required?  IMPOSSIBLE!!

Was the client advised that it would be MUCH better to take dogs as excess baggage? NO   The client told me
she was NOT so advised.  As excess baggage on  Lufthansa  would have been $200 to $300
per pet.  And, there would be NO customs charges in Frankfurt.  To have suggested excess baggage to any
client would only cut into the HUGE profits these scumbags charge for cargo moves!!  the client made it clear to
ALL that she would take pets to Brucken, Germany herself, yet, Animal Land included within their quote a
delivery charge.  Here again, 3rd party shippers make HUGE profits when they provide door to door.  They take
this out of the hands of the client.  I mean  HUGE  PROFITS.....

These two dogs might have needed the # 300 Intermediate kennel each.  Based on two of these, as CARGO, the
total charge with Lufthansa would have been approx $1086;  Either, or both, might have
fit into the #200 kennel, which would have dropped the total cost.

AND, Animal Land wanted to charge $4295......... How can these people face their God........

One of the biggest lines of b.s. these shippers hand out is that they track every minute of the flight.  This is
TOTAL  B.S.  This is impossible.  No way would security ever allow for a civilian to know the exact whereabouts
of an aircraft.... Think about it.......   Animal Land makes sure the plane takes off on time????? Are we idiots
to believe this?  NONE of us can guarantee how the pets are put on a plane, or taken off.   This is all in the
hands of the airlines and ground crews.   Sorry, Animal Land.   We just can NOT buy this b.s. from you, or
other pet shippers.

PLEASE    EVERYONE    No matter what pet shipper you use.  DEMAND that they itemize everything.  Ask what
you are getting for this extra $3000 plus that the pet shipper is asking of you!

Now remember.   This is NOT only Animal Land that does this.    Air Animal in Tampa; Pet Relocation in TX;
Animalsaway; Happy Tails in Tucson are the leaders in this endeavor to bilk you of all the money possible.
There are others.  Just contact all the pet shippers you wish.  You will soon discover that what I warn about
is TOTAL  FACT.......


Most foreign airlines now require a pet shipper or other known shipper to make flight
bookings and arrangements.  To use one of the 3rd party pet shippers we speak of here
will end up costing you several thousand dollars MORE than you need.

And, using us, you can still in most cases take the pet(s) to the airport yourself and spend
as much time as you wish.  We send all paperwork to you!  Of course, we can in ALL
cases arrange door to door; door to airport; airport to door  when YOU so need!

NO matter where in USA your pet needs to be shipped from, we can provide ALL essential
services at a tremendous saving to you.......

You are under  NO  obligation to secure our money saving information......

WHY use a middleman and spend thousands of dollars MORE to do what you can do
yourself?  And, with our FREE assistance.

Please send us a short email to begin this process.

Please read our page 3  'Pet Travel Safety and Cost'

The following pet shippers are known as 3rd party pet shippers They are considered 'Middlemen' in the industry. Their fees for just manipulating your pet shipping needs are out of this world!

Air Animal in Tampa, FL; Animals Away; Pet Relocation in
Spicewood, TX; O'Brien and Pet Express in San Francisco;
VIP in Portland, OR; Puppy Travel in Salt Lake City;
Animal Land in Atlanta; Happy Tails in Tucson; Jet-A-Pets;
Airborne Animals in New Jersey

We invite you to:
Get a quote from one or more of the above.  Then, contact us. We will show you how to save mega bucks.  And, there is NO obligation or cost to you to get our evaluation!!!

Some clues as to their treachery:

If anyone gives you a quote WITHOUT determining the exact size of shipping kennels you have, you know they are messing with you. There is NO way to give you an honest quote without basing charges on the kennels you need. Most 3rd party shippers are afraid to totally itemize ALL charges. They often steer you towards certain airlines, calling them, pet safe, as opposed to others. This is because they get kickbacks, and do NOT provide you with the savings.  ALL airlines are pet safe. With ALL airlines, the charges are based upon size of shipping kennel. United bases on actual weight.   Many shove door to door on you, and thereby make mega bucks. We show you how to save hundreds of dollars on door to door pet service!... 

MOST OF THE ABOVE ARE TOTAL RIPOFFS.  And we will show you why. I am NOT afraid to tell you the truth.

We totally support and utilize the vast majority of IPATA
members.  Only these high rolling 3rd party shippers should be avoided.

Do NOT take my word alone.  Check it out yourself....

We can assist you with ALL your moves, and with tremendous savings.

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