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International Pet Animal Relocation

USDA Intermediate Handler Cert # 54 H 0004
ARMY VETERAN owned since 1969
Located near Washington, D.C.
Dulles IAD, Reagan DCA, Baltimore BWI

Member: ASTA American Society Of Travel Agents

Associate Member: American Foreign Service Ass'n

We provide easy, affordable over the road Pet Travel to/from following military bases: Quantico, Norfolk, Ft Belvoir, Ft Lee, Ft Bragg, Camp Lejeune, Ft Meade, Andrews AFB, Ft Knox, Dover AFB, Ft Campbell and Ft Jackson


Member of Animal Transportation Association

Global Pet Transportation at a MUCH lower cost than IPATA pet shippers

ALL of Our Services are Personalized for Your Pets' Comfort, Safety and Your Peace of Mind

As ACTION PET TAXI Pet Transporters, we provide over the road Door to Door pet (animal: dogs, cats) delivery throughout: Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington D.C., New Jersey, New York and ALL New England

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Bottom Line:  If you use an IPATA 3rd party pet shipper (a middleman) you are spending WAY too much MONEY!
3rd party shippers NEVER see your pets.  They just see how much money they can take from you!  read on....

Index to ALL pages appears on the very bottom of every page

Associate Member: AFSA American Foreign Service Association

ATTENTION:  U.S. State Department, DOD, and ALL Government Employees planning to PCS with PETS......

We have been providing support for ALL  Pet Relocation moves for over 44 years. And, with quite satisfactory results....

Recently, AFSA made some arrangements with: PetRelocation.com in Austin, TX. This was designed to provide you with some superior service !  All it has really done is offer you a service that is extremely OVERPRICED...ALL other pet shippers can, and do offer the same service at a much lower cost..... Might say as well that: Cosmopolitan Canine Carriers is ALSO extremely OVERPRICED.....

Please read what 'Diplomatic Mom' has to say.



Read:   www.afsa.org/pets


The Lab at Ft Sam Houston will do ALL blood tests when required. Much less expensive than the private labs most Veterinarians will use
Ft Sam can be used by ALL Gov't employees as well as Military. This is for Rabies Titer tests, as well as other blood tests required for South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere.
If you have ANY pet shipping (relocation) questions, we will gladly assist you, at no charge, even when we can not have hands on care for you !  Do not settle for the very first pet shipper you contact. Do take the time to shop around.

We are available 24 hrs EVERY Day

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