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Global Pet Transportation at a MUCH lower cost than IPATA pet shippers

24 hour Ground (Door to Door) Dog, Cat and other Pet Animal Delivery

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Third Party Pet and Dog Shippers...... How to Avoid

Want to go bankrupt? Use a 3rd party pet shipper

YES This is a VERY long page!  But very worth your time to Read!!
The  MOST  expensive 3rd party shippers are:

PetRelocation in Austin, TX and Happy Tails in Tucson. Others are: Pet Express in San Francisco; VIP in Portland; Animal Land (  in Atlanta; AirAnimal in Tampa; Jet-A-Pet nationwide; Animals Away nationwide; PuppyTravel in SLC; Airborne Animals in New Jersey; WorldPetTravel in Texas and Costa Rica, and Cosmopolitan Canine Carriers in CT (not an IPATA member) and also: Starwood Animal Transport in both Houston and Boston,  and now look out for: All Pet Travel in Tucson, AZ and their associate: Pet Taxi, Animal Transporters, Pet Taxi LA, Pet Taxi Los Angeles, Pet Shipping Los Angles (All the same company).

Pet Shipping and Pet Transport Services | Action Pet Express | Snuggling Kittens

Most of these will NOT itemize. They do NOT want you to know what you are really spending! They ALL must use someone at the local area (your area). You can use these very same people!! And, save mega bucks!  3rd party shippers will have you believe they can do something special for you.  They do! They take much money from you!!
I, and other independent dog shipping companies, can do everything for you at a much lower cost... Watch out for the door to door specials! This is a BIG money making scam offered by 3rd party shippers...

Animal Land (aka in Atlanta, GA is a notorious super high priced 3rd party pet shipper. They falsely advertise that they have offices on Five Continents Just compare their high prices with others.

$10,000!! Yes! $10,000 the recent quote provided by PETMOVERS.COM aka Animal Land in Atlanta for moving 3 dogs from Ohio to Costa Rica.. WAKE UP America, and elsewhere! STOP these criminal IPATA 3rd party pet shippers in their TRACKS! The above shipment will be LESS than $1500 with our help. Read our EXPOSE of 3rd party pet shippers.. SAVE SAVE your hard earned money. Donald Trump would say "Yea" Make America GREAT again. Get rid of these Rip Offs!!

Recent quote from ANIMAL LAND (aka Pet movers in Atlanta, GA) for a military owned snub nosed dog from East coast to Italy, included a $500 charge just to review paperwork. We make NO charge for this.. $25 for labels. At most, $2 covers. $450 for booking and administration. Again, we make NO charge.. They claim they are the industry leader in pet relocation services. (Yes, in high prices!) They have for years claimed they have offices in 5 continents.. TOTAL LIE They have one office ONLY in Atlanta. Numerous calls to IPATA ethics committee have been ignored.. The above quote was signed by:
Sunni Chernega

They request at least 10 days to make an international booking. For a high fee they will provide a rush order.. Takes us rarely More than 48 hours for a booking. NEVER a rush fee.

The Door to Door Scam RIPOFF

3rd party pet shippers will get a quote from an agent at both the origin and/or destination of your shipment. Then, pass on to you a VERY inflated price quote... You should contact, yourself, these same local agents and have the entire move done for a fraction of what 3rd party shippers charge....

A  MAJOR  3rd party pet shipper, Animals Away, now agrees with us!!  In a blog on their website dated Jan 16, 2011, written by their co-owner, Anthony Deniker, we find the following direct quote:

"NOT having to use a third party handler really does help keep the cost lower for consumers"

Sally Smith, who operates Airborne Animals in New Jersey, has recently added an item of interest to her FAQ
page of her website regarding 3rd party shippers.

She contends this is a term 'made up by a few disgruntled pet shippers'  meaning me, of course. That this is a term NOT used industry wide.  Of course this is easily understood why the term is NOT used. 3rd party shipper refers to 'middlemen'  Anytime a middleman is used, your costs will rise!  She tries to defend her position, but does NOT address the issue of why, by using a 3rd party shipper, you will end up paying as much as $3000 to $6000 MORE than is necessary! I still contend that you will do MUCH better for yourself by contacting pet shippers directly at both ends of the trip, and Eliminate the Middleman!!  This way you will deal with people who will have hands on your pet shipment, not someone in some distant city just raking in your hard earned money......We are happy at ALL times to help you secure pet shippers in ALL locations; and without charge on our part.


Glad you asked.. They are middlemen. They sit in an office, rake in your money, make a few phone calls, send a couple emails; and, WHAM You could have done this yourself, but now have spent several thousands of dollars MORE than necessary. All you need to do, is shop around. Compare. We strongly suggest you end up dealing with someone who will actually have hands on. The 3rd party shippers must use the very same people. Why pay the 3rd party shipper extra for this?

Dear Action Pet Express

As you know, I live in Ventura, CA and recently needed to ship a dog from Ventura to Springfield, VA   I needed door to door service. I received several quotes from 3rd party shippers around the USA.  I thought the prices were quite high. Then, I found you. And, your charge for delivery was also just a fraction.

In short, your warnings on your website were very much right on as to the fact that 3rd party shippers do in fact really jack up the prices on door to door service.  For instance, you charged me $250 for the delivery to Springfield from Reagan DCA The lowest quote from the other shippers was: $525

I do hope other pet owners soon realize how they are taken for a ride by 3rd party pet shippers !

Sincerely, Bob Kelley

p.s. The airline charges were also inflated by these other shippers

Yesterday, Steve called.  Has a dog in Tulsa, OK to ship to Dubai, UAE. Wanted to know our charges and procedures. We recommended Lufthansa from DFW via Frankfurt to Dubai; or KLM via Amsterdam. The dog would fit into the large # 400 kennel which is 26" high.  Total LH charges were $1100; KLM $1300  DFW to Dubai.

How to get dog to DFW?  American Airlines from Tulsa to DFW for $274.  Or, family could drive dog to DFW. Or, we could provide over the road delivery from residence in Tulsa to DFW for $500.  If by air, we would have our representative transfer dog from AA to either LH or KLM for $200 which would include exercise walk and water.

Dubai requires import permit.  We provided contact with three IPATA members in Dubai for Steve to contact for prices for securing import permit, and for pickup and delivery upon arrival.  Total charges ranged from $200 to $400.

So, total charges from Tulsa to Dubai, using Action Pet Express, could run from approximately $1800 to $2200
This would be TOTAL  Door to Door.

Steve received a quote earlier for nearly  $7000 for the identical same service. Who from, you ask? Pet Relocation in Spicewood, TX!

We provided total itemization of ALL charges.  Pet Relo refused, as usual, to provide any and all itemization!!

Animalland in Atlanta, GA, another 3rd party shipper, quoted $5700 for the same service, also refusing to itemize!!

Why do these firms continue to refuse to itemize?
Because you might catch on that they are totally taking you to the cleaners....  They do NOT want you to know how they are blindsiding you with their super high prices!!  Their huge markup on the so called 'door to door' services!!

PLEASE   pet owners.... wake up to what these criminals are doing.....

In the business world, if ANYONE refuses to provide a complete and TOTAL itemization, DROP them like a hot potato!!! They have something to hide, like high prices and  HIDDEN  CHARGES!!

We at Action Pet Express believe in complete honesty and total disclosure!!

If a pet shipper is closed certain days and/or hours, where are your pets?

PRICE SHOCK? YES! If using a 3rd Party Pet Shipper

BEWARE They will in MOST cases rob you blind !!

READ the following case scenario.......
Only the name of the client has been changed to protect identity....

Robert Casey is a member of the military, living in Norfolk, VA getting ready to pcs to the UK   He has two 85 lb dogs, and two giant # 700 kennels. He will be responsible for ALL paperwork for re-entry into UK. He wishes ONLY an estimate from pet shippers for the following:  To make all flight and booking arrangements; pick up dogs from residence in Norfolk, VA and transport to appropriate airport in Washington, DC.  Also, provide total airline shipping charges and their own fees......  The ONLY airlines that can be considered for this are: Continental.  Their flight would be from DCA Reagan airport to Newark, NJ, then onward to London LHR  Their quote, based upon size of dogs and kennel sizes was: $3726 which includes the animal handling and customs fees at LHR, British Air, From Dulles non-stop to LHR.  Their charge quote was: $3387 inclusive. United airline is NOT approved for animal shipments on the Pet Passport system.   Virgin Atlantic is approved, BUT, will NOT deal with professional pet shippers, only with pet owners directly. A common  misconcept is that: ALL pet shipments MUST  be done by a professional pet shipper.  This is NOT true.  The owner can do this themselves if they wish. The  following three shippers are in the Washington, DC area, and would NOT be considered as 3rd party shippers in this scenario.

Action Pet Express Quote was for above airline charges, Plus a Total of:
$600 to cover transport from Norfolk, and ALL business fees      $3987  for everything
Club Pet    $5020 for everything
Animailers    $ 4700  for everything
The following are considered 3rd party shippers, and their quotes
Pet Relocation in Spicewood, TX appeared to be the MOST outragious
price wise with a grand total of: $6800 to $7200
Airborne Animals in New Jersey was: $6300
Cosmopolitan Canine Carriers (non-ipata member in CT) was $6550
Air Animal in Tampa, FL   was  $5095
World Pet Transport in Lexington, KY  was $5584
World Care Pet in NY  was $4950
Jet-A-Pet  was $4822
Animals Away in NY  was $5115   
Very interesting that this was the ONLY firm who made it clear in their estimate that they would NOT review the paperwork provided by the owner for correctness 3rd party shippers would have you believe that using them is superior to using pet shippers in your own area. It's hard to justify that by making a few phone calls and sending some
emails should cost you literally Thousands of dollars more than necessary. Another price scam going on!! KLM, Air France and Alitalia have a joint scam venture going on.  They will only allow certain IPATA members (not all) to make flight bookings for animals
as cargo.  This creates a monopoly.  The special shippers then raise their own fees and you and I have no control over this.....
Most of these shippers have accounts with these airlines that allow for the shipper to charge you the full rate, then the shipper ONLY pays the airlines a discounted rate, thereby making much more money at your expense.


ALWAYS request a complete itemization of ALL charges from the Pet Shipper.  If they refuse, and many do, HANG UP!!! You have a right to know all of your expenses and just what you are paying for.  ALWAYS demand a copy of the completed airway bill. ALWAYS request the names and contact info of the sub-contractors being used by the primary pet shipper.  You have a right to know at ALL times who has care of your pet !

REMEMBER   In the above scenario: ACTION PET EXPRESS would charge $3987 for the same identical services that Pet Relocation charges $6800 for.

DON"T be fooled by fancy advertising gimmicks Fancy Blogs.

In the business world today, to use a middleman (middlewoman or middleperson) your total costs will INFLATE.

So it is the same if using a 3rd party pet shipper for your pet shipping and/0r pet relocation needs and services.

You are well advised to go to and locate pet shippers at the origin and/or destination points of your pet's travel plans.

In most cases these will be the very same people the 3rd party shippers would use.
You can deal with them direct; save yourself bundles of money, and receive MUCH better personal service!!

FOUNDING MEMBER  IPATA  1979.  In the Pet Shipping and Pet Relocation business since 1969. We LOVE what we do.......

In the pet transportation business, many pet transporters just pat themselves on the back !!  Just view their ads and blogs!  We'd rather get our pats from the Pet Transport public themselves.  Our Keyword is Large enough to Serve you; Small enough to Know you!!

Learning the TRUTH about 3rd party pet shippers may save you THOUSANDS of dollars! 

3rd party shippers sit in their air conditioned offices and set up pet travel arrangements. Since they usually only have one address, they MUST utilize existing pet shippers both at the origin point and the final destination. Since most of these shippers belong to IPATA, you can do this yourself. Simply, visit: and select pet shippers at both ends and contact them directly. You will then play the part of the middleman, INSTEAD of the 3rd party shipper, who you would end up paying an enormous fee!

You lose ALL control of your pet shipment by using 3rd party shippers.  Any, and ALL, pet shippers, such as myself, can set up ALL travel arrangements.  The difference is that we, and you, will be the ones with total control.


Things IPATA does NOT want you to know, or ask

Would you want to do business with ANY business who will NOT accept scrutiny?  I hope not.  I would not However, this is what has happened to me.  Because I brought attention to the above practices of 3rd Party Pet Shippers, I have been excommunicated from IPATA.  The above pet shippers ALL filed complaints against me to the Ethics (?) committee of IPATA.  Their complaints all contained nothing but total lies and accusations that are totally UNTRUE, I replied to each one of the issues brought up, and the 'Kangaroo Court" totally ignored my comments.  Their main charge is that I violated para #5 of the Code of Ethics.  Quote, "To avoid any slander or defamation of my colleagues and to avoid unfair competitive practices, actions or business practices in general which would result in dishonor upon or distrust of my colleagues, or the animal transportation industry in general"   In other words, the code of ethics wishes to muzzle the membership and we are NOT allowed to voice any opinion that differs with the autocratic administration.
The head Autocrat in residence, and Chief Executioner, Walter Woolf of Air Animal in Tampa, demanded that I be immediately excommunicated without trial or jury, with NO opportunity for reinstatement.  Kevin O'Brien of Pet Relocation and Mark Botten of Pet Express in San Francisco ALSO demanded my immediate expulsion.  The Ethics (?) committee hastened to bow
to their demands.  I was NOT even allowed an opportunity to appeal.....

What does the 3rd Party Pet Shipper really want to hide from you?  You the consumer should be very concerned to trust these people when they only feel that shooting the messenger will protect their empires......The following members of the Ethics (?) committee: 
Five Star Pet Transort in Hickory, NC; Airborne Animals in NJ; Ferndale Kennels in Hong Kong; Puppy Travel in Utah; WorldCare Pet
Travel in NY; PacPet in CA. ALL succumbed to the Great Autocrat WHAT DO THESE PEOPLE HAVE TO FEAR??   If they are so insecure in their own business practices, that they need to try to shut me down??

All you need to do is:  Do your homework....  Contact as many pet shippers as you can.   Including the 3rd party shippers.    Compare services and prices.   If you think it is worthwhile to spend several thousand dollars more than you need, then, do it!! 
If anyone is interested in the lies blasted my way, I will gladly provide, FREE of charge, and with NO obligation, copies of ALL transcripts.
I remain available to serve with the highest standards, and fair prices, in the Greater Washington DC area.

Do you REALLY want to trust your beloved pet (s) to a Pet Shipping company (PetRelocation - Austin, TX) whose own employees have these following comments to say:

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