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We provide easy, affordable over the road Pet Travel to/from following military bases:  Quantico, Norfolk, Ft Belvoir, Ft Lee, Ft Bragg, Camp Lejeune, Ft Meade, Andrews AFB, Ft Knox, Dover AFB, Ft Campbell

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Rabies Control & Quarantine

Hawaii • Australia • France • Ireland • New Zealand • United Kingdom
For International travel, the rabies shot must be at least 30 days old and not more than 1 year old regardless of type of vaccine. We recommend Rabies shots for cats, even though they are not always required.

We ask that you have four (4) copies of the health certificate from the Veterinarian which should be issued not more than 10 days before travel. Also, VERY IMPORTANT: Be sure a complete shot record is attached, showing ALL shots, including Rabies. In very rare instances, the pet may need to be boarded during travel times, and the kennel will require proof of shots. If a pet does NOT have certain shots due to age or health reasons, the Veterinarian should so note.

During cold weather, the Veterinarian should provide a letter of acclimation stating the pet can accomodate temperatures from 20 to 45 degrees F, or else the airline may refuse shipment. 

Some states and countries have strict vaccination and quarantine laws. These laws are in place to protect your beloved pet, as well as local animals from potential incubating diseases your pet may have. We have provided links below to some of the states and coutries that have these srtict vaccination and quarantine laws.

Rabies Control & Quarantine

States and countries with strict rabies control & quarantine

For those in the USA, and needing the Rabies Titer (Titre) / FAVN  Test:
The ONLY approved lab is at: Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS 66502
tel: 1.866.512.5650

Ft Sam Houston will do the test for military members; and  for Gov't employees 

SEARCH:   Fort Sam Houston FADL     and     DoD FADL Pet Travel Requirements  

The preferred microchip to use is: ISO Standard 11784 or Annex A to ISO standard 11785

USDA Bird Quarantine:  JFK: 1.718.553.1727 MIAMI: 1.305.526.2926 LAX:  1.310.725.1970

Fish and Wildlife:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

USDA  Animal Care
Riverdale, MD

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

USDA  Richmond, VA   Certificate endorsements  tel 804.343.2560

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