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We offer domestic and worldwide Pet Shipping by air;

Door to Door, Over the Road Pet Transport: Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington DC, and West Virginia


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We offer domestic and worldwide pet shipping by air and Door to Door,

Over the Road Pet Transport

Literally save yourself thousands of dollars by NOT using IPATA 3rd party pet shippers!

Be AWARE! If you search for Pet Shipping needs from Washington, DC, the following 3rd party pet shippers usually show up FIRST:  STARWOOD ANIMAL TRANSPORT; ANIMAL LAND; HAPPY TAILS; and ANIMAL TRANSPORTATION WORLDWIDE. NONE of these have offices here.  They MUST contact a fellow IPATA member to continue on.  You are paying DEARLY  MUCH more for this service.  You should ALWAYS contact a local pet shipper for your needs.  Why pay a middleman thousands of dollars MORE?

CITIZENS PET SHIPPERS and uShip also often show up.  These are real rip-offs.  They put your needs out to bid.  People often provide you with a low bid just to get drug money!  Do NOT trust these firms.  You do NOT know really what type people are caring for your pets!

The most atrociously expensive 3rd party shippers are: AIR ANIMAL in Tampa and Orlando, FL; PET RELOCATION in Austin, TX; HAPPY TAILS in Tucson, AZ; ANIMAL LAND ( in Atlanta, GA; and WORLD PET TRAVEL in Texas, and also STARWOOD ANIMAL TRANSPORT;  and  PET EXPRESS in San Francisco;  and NOW look out for: The LUXE in Brockton, MA!!

You do NOT need them. Get their quotes; then continue to shop around…  You WILL do MUCH better. You will easily SAVE from $2000 to $5000 by NOT using these firms.

FLASH…. We have just received a copy of a quote from our client, from PetRelocation to ship a rabbit from USA to Germany.  ARE YOU SITTING DOWN?   $3400!!!!
They still refuse to itemize their charges.  They lump all the services into one sum… United will ship this rabbit for $145 inclusive.  Our charges would run $250 to $375 depending what’s needed.  A pet shipper is NOT required… Lufthansa would be about $200 more and a pet shipper is required.   And people use these 3rd party pet shippers!

Before you lockin with in Austin, TX you may want to read what some of their current and former employees have to say! May save you many thousands of dollars??

Beware of Third-Party Pet Movers

3rd party shippers are MIDDLEMEN… They have you believe they are providing you great and needed services… They are NOT The only service they provide is INFLATED costs to you.. We will explain all of this to you during our FREE consultation. You may NOT even need to use our services… VERY IMPORTANT TO READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE Save THOUSANDS of DOLLARS…
We name the WORST offenders later on this page… Go ahead and get quotes from them… Then compare with what we can do for you… You will be FLABERGASTED!!

PET RELOCATION CO of Spicewood (Austin), Texas

Empty Aircraft Seats Prior to Pet Transport

Empty aircraft seats and windows.

An Honest and Sincere view from Our Perspective…… Pet Relocation’s Door to Door service is a MAJOR Rip Off. Do NOT be duped by their False Advertising…..

Pet Relocation of Austin, TX publishes a ‘Blog’ almost daily. It is quite common for them to publish mis-information and false info… For example: Their blog of 12 Jun 13 had TWO serious mistakes. Natalia wanted info re: shipping pets from Jakarta, Indonesia to Germany. Pet Relo urged Natalia to use ‘Pet Friendly’ Lufthansa airlines. Lufthansa has NOT had service to/from Jakarta for quite some time… Also, she was advised to secure the EU health certificate. The EU cert is NOT a health cert. Only reports microchip and rabies vac info. Also, info when titer tests results are required. Nicholas wanted info regarding shipping pets from Australia to Spain. (not going thru USA) PetRelo told Nicholas he would need to have the APHIS 7001 ??? This of course is totally false. The APHIS 7001 is the international health cert issued within USA ONLY…. In the past we have attempted to alert PetRelo of many such false statements. They have NEVER ackowledged these mistakes or ever made corrections….

NOTE: Lufthansa does now have seasonal service between Jakarta and Frankfurt……
If you attempt to get your info from Pet Relo in Austin, you just might be in for a VERY sad journey…. Just a Warning…

Pet Relocation absolutely has NO special contact with the pet in transit and refuses to itemize their services and charges. They do NOT want you to really know what you are paying these BIG bucks for. Just ask them to itemize….. Their door to door service is another ripoff. They get quotes for pickup and delivery, then, up these fees to you. Just check it out.

Try contacting anyone at PetRelo after normal business hours on weekdays….. NO luck ! Here at Action Pet Express, we are reachable 24 hours EVERYDAY !

3rd party pet shippers, such as: PetRelo, NEVER, EVER, have hands on your pet care. Everything is OUT-SOURCED. What are you paying for? Again….. You can reach these out-sourced agents YOURSELF, and save thousands of $$$

They pretend to provide supurb advice to our military families. Yet, appears NO one of their staff ever served their country…. I DID serve my country in the U.S Army back during the Korean War days.


Happy Tails are VERY nice people. However, they are Extremely OVERPRICED in what they are doing.

Check out their price page, Very Carefully.

Just to speak with you and provide general advice and information:

They will charge you: $385 for the first pet; and, $250 for EACH additional pet for a domestic shipment. $825 for the first pet; and $650 for EACH additional pet for an international shipment. These prices even though several pets are going at same time, on same airbill. $575 for first pet to: Mexico, Canada or Guam. $375 for each additional pet.
If you are Military, you luck out. A HUGE $50 discount off the first pet ONLY if domestic shipment; $100 off first pet ONLY if international. These charges do NOT include airfares, or, anything, other than for consultations.

How can they justify this? We at Action Pet Express make NONE of these charges…We have NO consultation fees. Totally FREE Why? We know what we are doing. AND, we are NOT into RipOffs.

Happy Tails clearly state they require 10 days notice for a domestic shipment; 4 weeks for international. In 98% of all shipments, we can do within 2-3 days MAXIMUM. They will try to do so for a RUSH Fee.

Their charge to you, for pickup or delivery, in another city, within one hour of airport, a charge of $250 to $350. These charges in reality are usually ONLY about $100 This indicates HUGE markup. These fees include their Handling Fee of $75 (Why the need for a handling fee??)

Yes, readers. This IS a HUGE RIPOFF!

Very nice people; VERY Huge Ripoff.

This is just another prime example of what 3rd Party Pet Shippers will do to you.

Again, We advise going directly to a pet shipper who will have hands on your pet move.

Avoid the Middleman. Save yourself thousands of dollars.

2. In the expect overinflated rates from third party shippers heading, right before the last line that says heed the warning, add the info below

Do NOT get Ripped Off by the Pet Travel Store in Ft Lauderdale. What they attempt to sell you are NOT Pet Passports. Total FRAUD on their part. ALL their forms are phony. ALL travel forms you will ever need are FREE elsewhere!! We will show you where.. NO charge on our part..

Be VERY careful of using UShip or Citizens Shipper for pet travel. Read our Over the Road page FIRST!

You can be sure that the IPATA Proficency Course is designed to Rip you off EVEN More! I bet on it!!

Diplomatic Mom
Dave Pernal
Jaymzee Cat

If you use an IPATA 3rd party Pet Shipper, You WILL spend several thousands of dollars MORE than necessary !!

Save hundreds and thousands of dollars on pet relocation service by choosing an independent shipper. Select a shipper with a proven track record of success, such as Action Pet Express in Greater Washington, DC, area. Beware of third-party pet shippers. They charge double and triple the price for the same service.

Companies That Charge You Too Much

Jerry warns you to watch out for companies that overcharge customers. He points to PetRelocation in Austin, TX; Happy Tails in Tucson, AZ; and Animal Land ( in Atlanta, GA as three of the biggest offenders. Others include:

    • Pet Express, San Francisco, CA
    • VIP in Portland, OR
    • AirAnimal, Tampa
    • Jet-A-Pet – Nationwide
    • Animals Away – Nationwide
    • PuppyTravel in Salt Lake City, UT
    • Airborne Animals, New Jersey
    • WorldPetTravel in Texas & Costa Rica
    • Cosmopolitan Canine Carriers, Connecticut (Not an IPATA Member)
    • Starwood Animal Transport, Houston, TX & Boston, MA
    • All Pet Travel in Tucson, AZ, & Associates
    • Pet Taxi Animal Transporters
    • Pet Taxi LA
    • Pet Taxi Los Angeles
    • Pet Shipping Los Angles
    • The LUXE Pet    (Look out for this new one!)

Pender Air, Dulles,VA
Capital Pet, MD

Expect Overinflated Rates from Third-Party Companies

Rather than have an overpriced third-party company take your money, turn to an independent shipper. Jerry has been shipping pets safely for more than 45 years. Be wary of middlemen who charge inflated prices. Eliminate the middleman and deal with a hands-on company that offers great service and affordable prices.

Heed the warning to beware of third-party pet shippers and contact Action Pet Express for affordable and reliable pet relocation.2219315

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