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We offer domestic and worldwide Pet Shipping by air;

Door to Door, Over the Road Pet Transport: Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington DC, and West Virginia


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APHIS - USDA Pet Travel

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We offer domestic and worldwide pet shipping by air and Door to Door,

Over the Road Pet Transport


At ACTION  PET  EXPRESS you receive Superior service and knowledge (over 50 years in business) at MUCH lower costs than IPATA!

If you are using  PENDER  or  CAPITAL  pet shippers in the D.C. area, you are spending AT  LEAST  $2000  MORE than with us!  If using a 3rd Party shipper AT  LEAST  $3000  More!  Let us show you these TRUE facts!!   We encourage you to get quotes from many shippers.  ONLY then will you see that we are the most honest and least expensive, by far!  Most IPATA shippers will try to talk you into services you do NOT need or want..  Many IPATA shippers will charge you for these services and NOT even mention them to you!  This is why they REFUSE to ITEMIZE!  They do NOT want you to know the truth!!

If you purchase ANY paperwork from  PET  TRAVEL  STORE in Ft Lauderdale, FL  you are being royally Ripped Off!  Most of their paperwork is TOTALLY worthless.. The paperwork that is of value is totally FREE from other sources.  We will show you and this is also FREE!  Their so called pet passports are totally phony!  True PET PASSPORTS are ONLY issued by EU Veterinarians.  They resemble human passports rather than sheets of paper.  AND,  IPATA continues to allow them to Rip you off!

Action Pet Express  does NOT charge for services you do NOT need or want!  IPATA does!  We ITEMIZE  ALL charges!  IPATA  refuses!  We will SAVE you several hundreds of dollars with your IMPORT and EXPORT transit needs at Dulles airport  IAD    Your beloved pet(s) deserve the special travel knowledge ONLY we offer!  I have traveled nearly WORLDWIDE with my own Mini-Schnauzers!!

We are highly dedicated to  MILITARY PCS WITH PETS  as I am former Active Duty Army myself!  We have by far the MOST affordable charges of any other pet shipping service!  You will discover this as soon as you compare us with others.. This applies to Foreign Service people, DOD, and ALL other Government employees.  And YES, indeed for ALL private shippers as well...

Our Pet Delivery Services division provides Door to Door pet moving services thru out Mid Atlantic states: Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington D.C.  When weather permits: also New Jersey, New York and the New England states..

Of course our primary business is Domestic and Worldwide (International) safe and affordable  pet relocation by AIR...

Our LOWER prices do NOT mean lesser services!  NO WAY!  We are MORE  HONEST with you.  There is NO need for you to pay the EXTREMELY high prices being charged you by PENDER and CAPITAL!!  Just give us a chance to discuss this with you,,,, We are the ONLY pet shipping company who is a member of American Foreign Service Ass'n.  Also, ONLY Veteran owned business!!  We are also members of the Animal Transportation Association (ATA).

Do you NOT feel better if you can reach your Pet Travel Advisor during Off hours?  Weekends and Holidays, Etc?  We ARE available at ALL times for you... 24/7  Try reaching IPATA pet shippers during OFF hours!! NO Luck!!

SPECIAL  NOTICE!!   On the 'Arrange a Move' page of PET RELOCATION's website in Austin, TX ( A foremost IPATA 3rd party pet shipper) they attempt to sell the idea that CARGO pet shipments are safer and all around a better way than EXCESS BAGGAGE..  NOTHING could be MORE wrong...  To begin with ALL pets as cargo and excess baggage fly in the VERY SAME compartment...  Cargo moves are MUCH more expensive.  More often, Cargo shipments require a pet shipper; excess baggage do NOT.  It is easy to understand why IPATA recommends CARGO.  You will be forced to use IPATA very often.  A great LOSS of revenue if you do excess baggage!   Pets are in their travel containers much less time as ex bag (as much as 3 to 6 hours).  Retrieval time at destination airports is MUCH less as ex bag {again, 4 to 6 hours).   Usually NO customs clearing fees as ex bag.  Can be very much as cargo!  Excess  baggage pets ARE better tracked in most cases..   PetRelocation  and other IPATA 3rd party shippers will indeed lie to continue to rip you off!!

One thing for SURE!!  You do want to AVOID  100%  IPATA  3rd Party Pet Shippers.  They are TOTALLY unnecessary and take anywhere from $2000 to $5000 extra from you!!  You do NOT need their unwelcome services!!  They provide services you do NOT need or want.  They hide this from you as they refuse to itemize..  You can, and should, deal directly with the pet shippers who will have hands on your pet move..  3rd party middlemen NEVER see or handle your pets, only your money!!

We Are A Trusted Pet Transportation Company with OVER  50 years in business!!

It is becoming more and more difficult to ship pets on domestic airlines in USA  (kennel and breed restrictions, hot and cold outside temperatures, etc)  New over the road pet delivery services are popping up!  Many are operating illegally.  Out for the easy buck!  Watch out!!!  ALL pet shipping and delivery services are required by law to register with the USDA and have an Intermediate Handler certificate.  Many do NOT.  Be sure to inquire as to this when you contact a service.  They should display this info on their website though this is NOT required.  Ours is:  # 54 H 0004

    IF you don't find it here, PLEASE contact us!  WE want to help you!  And it's FREE....

We'll help you get your beloved pet(s) To/From ANYWHERE in the world; safely and affordably!  Our FREE advice alone is worth Millions!  WE  ARE Small enough to know you; Large enough to serve you!  (This IS an often repeated slogan; but in our case is TRUE) !

Our THIRD PARTY PET SHIPPER page is absolutely essential for your pet relocation search; as is the IPATA RIP OFF page!!

Whether you’re going out of town on vacation or permanently relocating to a new address, the safety of your pet during transportation is one of your primary concerns. At Action Pet Express, we offer safe and affordable solutions to get your pet from place to place. Currently, the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) runs a virtual monopoly on the pet shipping industry, and their practices are no more beneficial for your pet than they are for your wallet. Our pet shipping company, however, is the alternative you can count on.

As a veteran-owned-and-operated business since 1969, we are proud to be available 24/7 to provide you with safe and affordable pet transportation.

A Different Kind of Pet Transport Service

An Experienced Pet Courier Who Cares

We are proud of our reputation as a highly recommended and compassionate pet transportation service. Unlike ALL  3rd-party movers, we offer LOW RATES and ITEMIZED  INVOICES  so you know exactly what you’re paying for BEFORE  you sign with us!

Make a better choice for your pet and for you: leave your pet’s move to us, and your companion will arrive safe and on time, all for a price that equals major savings for you. If you are in the military, ask us about our service for your upcoming Permanent Change of Station (PCS with pets).

When you search for pet relocation assistance in the Greater Washington, DC area (including: Baltimore; Maryland; Northern Virginia) the following firms often show up in your search: Air Animal (Tampa, FL) , Pet Movers (Animal Land in Atlanta), Pet Relocation (Austin, TX), Happy Tails (Tucson, AZ), VIP (Portland, OR), Starwood Animal Transport (TX). NONE of these firms are located in the DC area.  They ALL are attempting to DECEIVE you in thinking they are.  ALL are 3rd party shippers and MUST contact a local shipper.  You can contact these very same local shippers yourself THUS cutting your costs DRAMATICALLY!  Of course, we HOPE you will include ACTION PET EXPRESS in your search thereby saving even MORE money!

ATTENTION!  Owners of BRACHYCEPHALIC  pets:  It is now virtually impossible to ship your pets on a domestic carrier, and on most International flights.  Lufthansa does so let us help you...  Maybe still possible IN CABIN?  Domestically you may need to use an over the road service?  Remember: Do NOT use:  uShip, Citizens Pet Movers, or ROADIE!

You can learn more about pet scams here.

Contact Action Pet Express to discuss your pet relocation needs. Conveniently located near Dulles International Airport (IAD), Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), and Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI); and not far from: Philadelphia, PA, Newark, NJ (EWR), Charlotte, NC (CLT), and Raleigh-Durham (RDU);  we serve our clients worldwide.

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