IPATA & Third Party Pet Shipping Scams

International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA)

There is an organization out there that is benefiting at your expense. Action Pet Express in Greater Washington, DC, area, warns consumers against the seemingly benevolent business group called the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA). Pet Action Express warns consumers against IPATA rip-offs in pet relocation service.

You do want to AVOID 100% IPATA 3rd Party Pet Shippers. They are TOTALLY unnecessary and take anywhere from $2000 to $5000 extra from you!! You do NOT need their unwelcome services!! They provide services you do NOT need or want. They hide this from you as they refuse to itemize.. You can, and should, deal directly with the pet shippers who will have hands on your pet move.  3rd party middlemen NEVER see or handle your pets, only your money!!

We encourage pet owners or caregivers to bring pets to Dulles and meet us to complete shipping check-in, whenever possible. This is MUCH less stressful for pets… Also owner can remain with pets up to loading time, usually about 1 1/2 hrs before flight… We assist with security check in and all paperwork. Our charge for this is $300 which includes booking and all details. NO extra fees for booking, consultations, check in, etc.  Compare this with all the other fees charged by other pet shippers. Our charges are an easy $1000 LESS than others.  This is for airlines that require a pet shipper.  We can, of course, pickup the pet(s) from any location to take to airport.

We will save you MUCH money on ALL pet shipments to USA coming thru Washington DC Dulles airport IAD.  Do NOT allow foreign pet shipper to make arrangements for arrival at Dulles. They will contact a fellow IPATA member so your costs will go WAY up. At least compare with what we will do for you and your beloved pet(s)!

We always encourage pet owners to receive multiple quotes to compare services.  You will find Action Pet Express is honest, reliable and can save you money.  Our LOWER prices do NOT mean lesser services! 

Read more below about common scams, scare tactics and dishonest practices of these pet shippers.

Third-Party Pet Movers

Literally save yourself thousands of dollars by NOT using IPATA 3rd party pet shippers!  You do NOT need them. Get their quotes; then continue to shop around.  You WILL do MUCH better. You will easily SAVE from $2000 to $5000 by NOT using these firms.

3rd party shippers are MIDDLEMEN. They have you believe they are providing you great and needed services… They are NOT The only service they provide is INFLATED costs to you. We will explain all of this to you during our FREE consultation. You may NOT even need to use our services. VERY IMPORTANT TO READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE Save THOUSANDS of DOLLARS.

Rather than have an overpriced third-party company take your money, turn to an independent shipper.  Action Pet Express has been shipping pets safely for more than 50 years. Be wary of middlemen who charge inflated prices. Eliminate the middleman and deal with a hands-on company that offers great service and affordable prices.

The most atrociously expensive 3rd party shippers are: AIR ANIMAL in Tampa and Orlando, FL; PET RELOCATION in Austin, TX; HAPPY TAILS in Tucson, AZ; ANIMAL LAND (petmovers.com) in Atlanta, GA; and WORLD PET TRAVEL in Texas, and also STARWOOD ANIMAL TRANSPORT; and PET EXPRESS in San Francisco; and NOW look out for: The LUXE in Brockton, MA!!

Read more below about common scams, scare tactics and dishonest practices of these pet shippers.

Pet Shipping Scams & Warnings

United, Delta, Air France or KLM

IF YOU ARE ANXIOUS ABOUT SHIPPING YOUR BELOVED PET(S) on: United, Delta, Air France or KLM; YOU ARE JUSTIFIED! Let us help you make safer, more desirable, decisions. UA, DL, AF, and KLM are ALL ripping you off by requiring ONLY IPATA pet shippers to book international...

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Protest TSA Requirement for Third-Party Pet Shippers

Our owner, Jerry, points to three groups who are the culprits in pet shipping scams. These include the U.S. government, the Transportation Security Administration, and the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA). The problem begins with TSA...

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Beware of Puppy Purchase Scams

A VERY serious situation exists. Puppies (who do NOT even exists) are being offered for sale on the internet. Innocent people are asked to send money by western union. Then there is NO way to trace. Emails are exchanged and the ‘New Owner’ thinks someone like myself...

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The Luxe Pet

Watch out for THE LUXE PET !! A new rip off 3rd party shipper trying to go WORLDWIDE.. You never want to use a 3rd party shipper.. You should contact pet shippers at either end of your pet travel needs. This is what a third party shipper does then they charge you...

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Experimental Laboratories & Live Animals

Many people have very negative feelings about the treatment of Live Animals at various Laboratories! They often do NOT want to do ANY business with anyone associated with these Labs! We are listing many IPATA members who actively solicit live animal transport to these...

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Protest Price Fixing in Pet Shipping

Owner Jerry Mishler has more than 50 years of experience in the pet shipping business. He has seen what has been happening over the years. He says IPATA is trying to take over pet shipping by making it a requirement that people only do business with members of this...

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Over Priced Third Party Shippers

We want to warn you to watch out for companies that overcharge customers. PetRelocation in Austin, TX; Happy Tails in Tucson, AZ; and Animal Land (petmovers.com) in Atlanta, GA are three of the biggest offenders. Others include: Pet Express, San Francisco, CA...

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PET RELOCATION CO of Spicewood (Austin), Texas

An Honest and Sincere view from Our Perspective…… Pet Relocation’s Door to Door service is a MAJOR Rip Off. Do NOT be duped by their False Advertising….. Pet Relocation of Austin, TX publishes a ‘Blog’ almost daily. It is quite common for them to publish...

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Searching for Pet Shippers in Washington, DC

Be AWARE! If you search for Pet Shipping needs from Washington, DC, the following 3rd party pet shippers usually show up FIRST:  STARWOOD ANIMAL TRANSPORT; ANIMAL LAND; HAPPY TAILS; and ANIMAL TRANSPORTATION WORLDWIDE. NONE of these have offices here.  They...

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Happy Tails Pet Shippers in Tucson, AZ

URGENT WARNING! We’ve been receiving MANY complaints lately regarding HAPPY TAILS Pet Shippers in Tucson, AZ. VERY high prices and NOT too sharp on pet travel info! You might not use our services; but our FREE ADVICE may save you Hundreds, sometimes Thousands, of...

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Pet Travel Store – Ft Lauderdale, FL

PET TRAVEL STORE in Ft Lauderdale, FL is a MAJOR RIP Off Most of the paperwork they sell you is TOTAL useless. ALL paperwork you ever need WORLDWIDE is FREE from your Vet; or USDA; and/or can be downloaded from the internet. Pet PASSPORTS are ONLY issued by...

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Pender and Capital Pet Shippers

If you are using PENDER or CAPITAL pet shippers in the D.C. area, you are spending AT LEAST $4000 MORE than with us! If using a 3rd Party shipper AT LEAST $5000 More! Let us show you these TRUE facts!! We encourage you to get quotes from many shippers. ONLY then will...

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