We Help Military and Gov’t families PCS-ing with pets

We offer Military PCS with Pets, Foreign Service and other Government pet travel assignment relocation services. We have provided dedicated service to the Foreign Service Community for over 20 years. We’re available 24/7, they aren’t! Your furry family members deserve our 24 hour attention!

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Our Dedication to Military PCS

As a U.S. Army veteran from the Korean war era, our owner, Jerry Mishler understands what military families with pets go through when they PCS. He’s been there. Jerry served in the U.S. Army, doing duty in Germany, “K” town, no less! He knows how important honest and affordable pet relocation service is to families on the move around the country and the world. That is why you can count on this veteran-owned company to provide you with exceptional service. Whatever your questions about PCSing with pets, we are here to guide you through the process. Jerry is one of the few professional pet shippers that is a veteran. Whether you are in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, State Department, Department of Defense, or any other branch of service, we can help. Jerry works with agents worldwide.

Military Pet Relocation for Permanent Change of Station

Bring your animal companion with you wherever you go when you rely on Action Pet Express for military pet relocation services. We understand how special your pets are to you, so we offer more reliable services at an affordable price.

Most of our Military PCS with Pets are to: Germany (Frankfurt, Ramstein, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart), Italy, UK (London, Manchester), Japan and Okinawa; but we are experienced with WHEREVER our troops go!

Whenever possible, use a Military Veterinarian; it is much cheaper. ALWAYS get the APHIS 7001 international health cert along with necessary other certifications required by the country you are PCSing to! We also require a copy of your TRAVEL ORDERS.

Affordable Rates for Military Pet Relocation

Some pet shippers say they have discounts available, but their fees are incredibly high, so you are not saving any money. At the same time, they often provide second-rate services. For instance, many of our customers need help but AMC cannot provide assistance. Your expensive pet shipper may not even know where to go.

When outside temperatures delay your pet’s travel plans and you need last-minute health certificates with USDA endorsements, it presents problems. Let us help you. We understand everything about military pet relocation, and we never engage in price gouging.

Personalized Pet Relocation Services

Make everything easy on yourself by contacting us. Jerry Mishler offers personal advice on this. Contact us anytime for help. Even though airlines require a pet shipper to do the booking, we will do so at no charge, even if we provide no other assistance.

We can also assist with all pet travel on Patriot Express. In addition, Fort Sam Houston performs all blood tests for you at much lower cost than private labs used by most veterinarians.

On-the-Road Transport to Military Bases

hen it comes to military PCS with pets, you can rely on a veteran to help you move your pet. Whether your animal is traveling to another state or country, we are here to help make it happen. Our team can put your cat, dog, or bird on a plane and even arrange for your animal to travel by vehicle. You can ask for over-the-road transportation to these bases below.

MCB Quantico
Langley AFB
Fort A.P. Hill
Fort Belvoir
Fort Eustis
Fort Lee
Fort Myer
Fort Pickett
Warrenton Training Center
Henderson Hall
NAB Little Creek
NAS Oceana
Norfolk Naval Shipyard
NS Norfolk
NSA Norfolk
NWS Yorktown
The Pentagon
Pope AFB
Fort Bragg
Camp Lejeune
MCAS Cherry Point
Seymour Johnson AFB
Fort Jackson
Fort Meade
Andrews AFB
Aberdeen Proving Ground
Naval Academy
NSF Indian Head
Fort Knox
Fort Campbell

Additional Helpful Information

The following airlines have service between Narita and Haneda, and Osaka to Naha: All Nippon, Japan Airlines, Peach, Skymark, and Jetstar. At this point, it is unclear what the pet policies are within Japan. You are advised to contact all of these carriers. You will need to determine how to get your pet from Osaka (or Narita) to OKA. In addition, Lufthansa has flights to Osaka and Narita and Haneda. For assistance with pets returning to CONUS from Japan and Okinawa, visit:

Camp Canine
Pet Friendly Travel.com