This is just a sample of the many great testimonials given to Action Pet Express..

Recently we made a PCS move to Aviano, Italy.  We were told to use United to Rome.  Then United said we could ONLY use an ipata pet shipper to book.  After contacting several ipata members we insisted that there had to be a better way!  We found Action Pet Express… You helped us using Lufthansa to Venice… NO ipata member suggested this route.  You saved us thousands of dollars and MUCH stress.. Thankyou for NOT being a member of IPATA!!  They did you such a BIG favor, and the pet shipping public as well, when they removed you from their god awful membership.  And for you telling the TRUTH about 3rd party pet shippers..

Jack and Susan Maguire     Col  USAF  14 July 2015

Jerry was patient with me and got my dog shipped from the Washington DC area to Germany. Highly recommend him as a pet shipper. And he was over 50% cheaper than anyone else I found. God bless him!

Karen Mealey – 2021

Dear Jerry

Recently I needed to have a cat shipped to me in Northern Florida from Mexico City. I contacted Air Animal in Tampa.  I couldn’t believe the high price quoted from Dr. Woolf’s office.  Besides the person I spoke with was very rude… I found you and you were so helpful and did NOT charge me a dime for your advice.  I highly recommend your company.

Regards,  Ricardo Martinez    March  24, 2016

We are with the Department of State and were posted to South Africa.  At the time we were living in Phoenix.  We have two dogs and one cat to relocate.  This all happened in March.  Had NO idea how to go about it.  Stumbled upon ipata.  (using small letters as they do NOT even deserve that!)  Contacted pet shippers in Tucson, Phoenix and elsewhere.. With the quotes we got we seriously thought we might have to give up at least our large dog.  Then we saw your ad in the Foreign Service Journal.  Needless to say you were a LIFE saver.  We shipped pets to you using United and you shipped from Dulles directly to ZA.  Total cost was $3000 less than the lowest cost quote we had and nearly $7000 less than from Pet Relocation in Texas.  Your expose of Happy Tails was also most useful.  Thank you SO much

No Name Please Now in South Africa April 17, 2015

Dear Other Pet Owners

Recently we returned to Camp Lejeune, NC   We needed to ship our two dogs in advance.  At first I was thrilled with the website of Happy Tails.  Seemed they really cared about Military families.   Boy was I WRONG!   They wouldn’t even speak with me unless I forked over several hundred dollars.  Also contacted several other pet shippers in  NC, SC and ATL…  Finally found Jerry and Action Pet Express…..  He took care of everything and saved us much money.   Believe me, what he says about IPATA pet shippers is mild compared to the true facts…..    If you can possibly use his service you will be rewarded.

Regards,   Karen and Ralph Kangas and family           27 Nov 16

Dear ACTION Pet Express

Recently we flew Aer Lingus to Dublin.  We wanted our two dogs and two cats on the same flight.  We knew they had to go as cargo, not checked baggage.  We also had all other requirements checked out.  Aer Lingus told us that Pet Express in San Francisco was the only shipper we could use.  Once we got their quote, we knew we could do better!  Yes, they were VERY expensive.  We checked around and finally found you.  THANK  GOD!   You used Lufthansa and saved us a great deal of money.   They were much cheaper than United as well.  You certainly know your business.  Thanks so much….

Best Regards,   Rob McGinnis    Sept 27, 2016

Jerry was wonderful! I am 5 months pregnant, will be 6 when we move to Germany for the Army, and we were getting ridiculous quotes and statements from other shippers. Jerry talked on the phone with us for extended periods of time, and told us everything to look out for, and what we really needed. He went over the best possible options for my husband and I, and even helped to find us a shipper that was closer, and quoted us a reasonable price. We were very sad we couldn’t get the dogs closer so we could work with Jerry, but his knowledge and professionalism was awesome, and made me feel more comfortable with the whole process. Even though we couldn’t use him, it was still a great experience to get to work with him for a brief period of time. Thanks Jerry!

Stephanie Ann – 2019

DEAR PET OWNERS (Especially Military About to PCS)

I recently made a PCS move from FT Bragg, NC to Germany. Had two dogs to go…I contacted the following Pet Shippers: Charlotte Pet Services; PCS Pets; Pet Wagon all in North Carolina; Aeropaws in South Carolina; and Action Pet Express near Washington DC (this is the one we used). The first four ALL were so very expensive!! AEROPAWS wanted $350 just to make flight arrangements… PCS Pets said they offered the ‘deepest military discount’.  Their prices were so high to begin with the discount meant Nothing… Action Pet Express was by far the least expensive.  They included us on the email booking request to Lufthansa so we knew exactly what we were paying the airline.  NO hidden charges.. They drove to Ft Bragg for our pets for a fraction of the costs of the other shippers.  No need to take my word for it… contact ALL of the above and find out for yourself!!

Regards, Mike Milner 1st Lt  US Army 04 March 2015

Dear Readers

Recently we relocated to Costa Rica for business.  We contacted World Pet Travel ( MovePet.com)   as they supposedly have an office there? I made a BIG mistake by telling them my boss was paying for this.  I could feel the dollar signs popping up at their end.  When I got the final estimate, it was so outrageous that I just had to do some more research.  We soon found Action Pet Express.  I saved my boss over $4000   I highly recommend Jerry.

Robert Kingsley   19 Sept 2015

Recently I purchased a special breed cat from a breeder in Hungary… I contacted several pet shippers in USA as to how to get the cat to me…  Pet Relocation in Austin, TX quoted MORE than $4400 and would NOT itemize the charges.   I got other quotes,  $1900 being the lowest.  Thank GOD I found Action Pet Express.  Jerry was the ONLY one to advise NOT to deal with a pet shipper in USA.  Rather that I should contact a pet shipper Directly in Europe who can ship to me!  After all this is exactly what a pet shipper in USA would need to do.  I contacted Animals First in Vienna and they took care of EVERYTHING…  Total cost to me was less than  $1100……    AND, Jerry charged me NOTHING……  Take his advice and save MUCH money…

Regards,      Ben Addams,     Dallas, TX     February 24, 2017

P.S.  By the way, Lufthansa was used all the way……

Recently my family and I PCS’d from Pope AFB, North Carolina to Ramstein, Germany.  I too contacted all the pet shippers in NC.  Found them on the ipata website.  What rip offs!  PCS PET TRANSPORT AT RALEIGH should be ashamed to state they are veterans then charge the prices they do.  We asked them for the charge to have a pet shipper at Frankfurt pick up and deliver to us.  You recommended that we contact the pet shippers at FRA directly.  Their quotes to us were a FRACTION of what PCS had quoted..   We had Action Pet drive down and they took our two dogs back to Washington Dulles to fly on Lufthansa direct to Frankfurt.  Jerry was totally open  with ALL Lufthansa charges.  None of the other pet shippers wanted to itemize..  We saved over a thousand dollars by using Action Pet Express..

MSGT  Glen Bryer    USAF  Germany    28 July 2015 


We recently used another service in Washington DC area. The new one that recently popped up… NEVER again.. We had three cats to fly to Los Angeles.. After their hidden charges came up and rude telephone conversations we so wish we had gone with you… The shipper in LA was equally bad.   Another IPATA member no less!!  We ended up paying considerably more than original quotation..  We were turned off by your ‘busy’ website.  Oh how we wished we had read it all.  You have so much good info…

Best to you, Irene and Willis Compton February 14, 2015

I used Jerry Mishler’s Action Pet Express to ship a one-and-one-half-year-old French Bulldog from Northern Virginia to Tokyo a few weeks ago (April 2021). We ended up shipping my French Bulldog via Lufthansa airlines, and I’m happy to say she arrived safely.

Jerry is an older gentlemen. He’s very knowledgeable and I could tell from his interactions with the personnel at Lufthansa, that they enjoy doing business with him. They all knew him on a first name basis, and were joking around having fun. This made me feel good about leaving my puppy in their hands.

In addition to all of the above, Jerry only CHARGES $300 dollars when his competitors charge in excess of $3,000 dollars! With the Lufthansa fee and Jerry’s fee, I paid $1080 dollars. I received quotes from three of his competitors, and they were $3,600 dollars, $6,800 dollars and $8,200 dollars.

Why would anyone pay that? Literally all they do is book the flight with the airlines, and then drop your dog off. Anyone that pays that is insane, as you’re getting the same service Jerry provides, but for an astronomical price. You don’t always get what you pay for… Just remember, like I said, Jerry is an older gentlemen, so it can be a little difficult talking to him over the phone, but aside from that, he’s rock solid. Best of luck.

Trevyn F.

Dear Jerry and Everyone at Action Pet Express

I really need to get this to you and all your readers…. YES, Pet Travel Store IS a total rip off,  Just as you say.

This past November my family and I, plus our several pets, relocated to Japan.  When we started our planning several months ago, we stumbled upon their web site and ordered their (rip off) package.  More than $60!! We soon came upon your site, and ALL the info was right there.  FREE   Their usage of the term Pet Passport is totally wrong.  There is NO Pet Passport for Japan, or anywhere else in the world except EUROPE, and Pet Passports are ONLY issued by European Veterinarians…..

I hope you can put a stop to their illegal operation!  I tried to call IPATA about this and they said they could not do anything about it. (Would not is a better term)..

Thank you for ALL your help and FREE consultations……

Frank and Marie Williams,  Osaka, Japan       4 Jan 17

Jerry provided timely and invaluable information and guidance regarding overseas pet shipment for my two cats; his sage input allowed me to save approximately a thousand dollars which I would have otherwise spent had I gone through a big name commercial pet shipper or shipping service offered by some major veterinary clinics and pet care companies. What resonated most with me was Jerry’s prioritizing my cats over profit; He ultimately did not recommend his shipping service but instead referred me to one which better fit my tighter timeline and travel destination requirements. Jerry is a candid, honest and very knowledgeable expert in his field (especially in the field of pet import/export and related permits both domestic and international)and I would recommend him to my relatives and friends any time. Please listen to his advice! I look forward to enlisting his services next time.

Reno M – 2019

We recently used an over the road service to bring two dogs from Washington state to Chicago… DON’T ever do this.  Almost lost our pets…Jerry had warned us about this.  He even gave us a name of a pet shipper in Seattle to ship by air.  We thought we knew it all !! The road delivery service broke down several times.  Did NOT stay in touch as promised.  We almost used UShip.  Then we read elsewhere of someone who used them and their dog never arrived!! My advice is: Listen to Jerry.  He really knows what he is talking about.

Jim and Carol Lewin January 16, 2015


I wish there were some way to covey our appreciation to you and your fine organization!! I will do ALL I can do to get my fellow military  families to get to  your website.
In March we had to get our two large dogs to Germany.  ALL of the local pet shippers in the San Francisco Bay area showed NO mercy and their quotes were out of this world!  Thankfully we came across your site.  We ended up shipping to you and you further shipped on Lufthansa to Munich.  We understand that you can not book on Lufthansa at SFO, ONLY at Dulles.  This way also gave our dogs a nice travel break.  All in all, this saved us over $2000 over the lowest quote at SFO… I might add that the three pet shippers who finally returned our calls should be stripped of their permits to be in business..  So late and rude!  And such lack of knowledge!!  The fourth firm in Oakland just never bothered to get back to me.

Thank you, AGAIN

Glen Parsons,  Major  U.S. Army, Germany
24 May 2015 

Dear Jerry and ALL Future Pet Shippers

Recently we moved from Los Angeles to Central Europe.  We took our dog as excess baggage.  The IPATA pet shipper that helped us gave us TOTALLY  INCORRECT information!!!  Since we were NOT going to European Union we did NOT get the EU paperwork… Both the IPATA agent and the airline said we did NOT require the USDA endorsement.  Since our plans were to spend a few days in Vienna we had tons of problems.  Dog had to be quarantined until we could get paperwork sorted out… Had we listened to you, we would NOT have had such problems.  As you say MANY  IPATA people do NOT know what they are doing!    Please YOU OTHER people  DO listen to Jerry  AND use him if you can…

Robert and Jane Kennedy   August 14, 2015 

I just used Action Pet Express and must say that the service was excellent, Jerry is one of a kind man, no frills, he is who is is. The prices were phenomenal and communication was great. My dogs made it to Asia without any issues. Jerry has a great relationship with Lufthansa which also made it a pleasant experience. I highly recommend Jerry. No need to pay hefty prices with the other shippers.

Mr. Brown – October 2021

Dear Jerry

Last month we needed to ship our dogs from Orlando, FL to Bangkok.  We got quotes from Air Animal in Tampa, as well as Pet Movers (Animal Land) in Atlanta.  You would not believe the prices!!   We found you.  Shipped the pets to you on United and you further shipped via Lufthansa.  All in all you saved us over $3000.   How do those IPATA pet shippers get away with what they do?  Thanks so much for being there…

Sincerely,  Robert Kantor and family      15 Oct 2016  

Dear Future Pets to the UK

I recently moved to the UK with two small dogs. I knew that ALL pet travel direct to UK from USA had to be as cargo ONLY… I contacted as many pet shippers (All IPATA members) as I could.  Their rates all were at least $4000 and up.  Then I found Action Pet Express.  Thankyou Lord… Jerry told me how I could take the dogs as excess baggage ALL the way via the Continent.  Had a delightful mini vacation in Paris… All in all saved at least $2000  NO IPATA person advised of this way…  I did NOT then have to use any pet shipper in USA.  Jerry provided this info FREE of charge… Not many people like him today.. I certainly recommend him to everyone planning any type of pet travel.  I have sent him a thank you check..

Sincerely,  Lillian Canfield   August 27, 2015

My situation turned out to be complicated. I wanted to get my large dog to my son in Japan, Jerry’s clear instructions ensured I had a crate that was not turned away by the airlines….it had to be custom built…if this happens to you just search for carpenters. I drove from Kentucky to Dulles just to be told the airline had a pet embargo. While I was panicked due to being in a hotel and having a rental truck to transport the crate, Jerry jumped into action. He made a reservation at a kennel he was very familiar with. He knew they would take good care of my dog and not overcharge me. I went home, but after several days the embargo had still not been lifted. Jerry changed airlines to Qatar but for some strange reason they only take money orders. I tell you about this part so you know one of the most important things about Jerry…..how trustworthy he is and he will get the job done. I wired him the money, over $2,000, and he bought money orders and paid for my dog’s flight. The flight was booked and he got my dog out. My dog is now safe and very happy with my son in Japan. Thank you Jerry!!

Cathie Knight – 2019

Attention Military Pet Owners

We recently PCS’d to Ft Bragg, NC from Germany.  We had two large dogs that we could not bring with us on our flight.  We HAD to use an expensive IPATA pet shipper in Germany to ship.  We needed the dogs picked up at Washington Dulles. clear customs, and driven to Ft Bragg… The pet shipper in Frankfurt got quotes from several pet shippers in Washington, DC and at Raleigh (  ALL IPATA members ).  ALL VERY expensive.  We found Action Pet Express on line and contacted them ourselves.  All in all, using Action Pet Express saved us nearly a thousand dollars.  And, Jerry is a Veteran.  I highly recommend this service….

Richard Lemley,  Major,  U.S. Army  15 July 2016

I cannot express how happy I am with Pet Action Express and the owner, Jerry! He was thousands cheaper than any other company, thorough and straightforward. He helped us move our dog from DC to Stuttgart, Germany and made us so much more comfortable. We flew through United Airlines, and they are no longer allowing dogs to travel in cargo due to Covid. Jerry found an affordable flight for our dog, gave us information about the best place for her to fly in to, helped us know exactly what to have ready, and CC’d me on his communication with the airline, so I knew what I was paying for and what I was giving him. He met us at the airport and handled the paperwork and stickers for us. Our pup landed in Frankfurt, we had a friend pick her up for us, and she was in perfect condition. It was terrifying being on a different flight from her but it all worked out great!

I highly recommend his services, he’s a good man and saved our butts!

Jasmine Kasch – January 2022

Hello Pet Owners about to relocate!!!

PLEASE abide by the info provided by Action Pet Express!!!

Do NOT use IPATA 3rd party pet shippers!!! Regular pet shippers ok if you MUST… Recently we made a move from San Francisco to Italy.  We contacted several IPATA pet shippers from their website.  Settled on one from Tucson, AZ   What a disaster!  As soon as we advised them that our employer was paying for this I could just feel the price going up…. We were told that United to Rome would ONLY take a booking from IPATA members…. Nothing went right with the move…  TOO much for here….. I later found out from Action Pet Express that we could have shipped our pets to them, then they could have further shipped on Lufthansa to Rome.  We would have saved our boss nearly $3000 this way!!

Microsoft has found a NEW pet shipper to recommend.  Thank you Jerry

Ken and Mary Lou Carlson    May 14, 2016


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