Happy Tails Pet Shippers in Tucson, AZ

Mar 6, 2020

URGENT WARNING! We’ve been receiving MANY complaints lately regarding HAPPY TAILS Pet Shippers in Tucson, AZ. VERY high prices and NOT too sharp on pet travel info! You might not use our services; but our FREE ADVICE may save you Hundreds, sometimes Thousands, of dollars… We LOVE to talk about Pet Travel! Having done much ourselves.

Happy Tails are VERY nice people. However, they are Extremely OVERPRICED in what they are doing.

Check out their price page, Very Carefully.

Just to speak with you and provide general advice and information:

They will charge you: $385 for the first pet; and, $250 for EACH additional pet for a domestic shipment. $825 for the first pet; and $650 for EACH additional pet for an international shipment. These prices even though several pets are going at same time, on same airbill. $575 for first pet to: Mexico, Canada or Guam. $375 for each additional pet.
If you are Military, you luck out. A HUGE $50 discount off the first pet ONLY if domestic shipment; $100 off first pet ONLY if international. These charges do NOT include airfares, or, anything, other than for consultations.

How can they justify this? We at Action Pet Express make NONE of these charges…We have NO consultation fees. Totally FREE Why? We know what we are doing. AND, we are NOT into RipOffs.

Happy Tails clearly state they require 10 days notice for a domestic shipment; 4 weeks for international. In 98% of all shipments, we can do within 2-3 days MAXIMUM. They will try to do so for a RUSH Fee.

Their charge to you, for pickup or delivery, in another city, within one hour of airport, a charge of $250 to $350. These charges in reality are usually ONLY about $100 This indicates HUGE markup. These fees include their Handling Fee of $75 (Why the need for a handling fee??)

Yes, readers. This IS a HUGE RIPOFF!

Very nice people; VERY Huge Ripoff.

This is just another prime example of what 3rd Party Pet Shippers will do to you.

Again, We advise going directly to a pet shipper who will have hands on your pet move.

Avoid the Middleman. Save yourself thousands of dollars.

2. In the expect overinflated rates from third party shippers heading, right before the last line that says heed the warning, add the info below

Do NOT get Ripped Off by the Pet Travel Store in Ft Lauderdale. What they attempt to sell you are NOT Pet Passports. Total FRAUD on their part. ALL their forms are phony. ALL travel forms you will ever need are FREE elsewhere!! We will show you where.. NO charge on our part..

Be VERY careful of using UShip or Citizens Shipper for pet travel. Read our Over the Road page FIRST!

You can be sure that the IPATA Proficency Course is designed to Rip you off EVEN More! I bet on it!!

Diplomatic Mom
Dave Pernal
Jaymzee Cat

If you use an IPATA 3rd party Pet Shipper, You WILL spend several thousands of dollars MORE than necessary !!
Read: www.afsa.org/pets

Save hundreds and thousands of dollars on pet relocation service by choosing an independent shipper. Select a shipper with a proven track record of success, such as Action Pet Express in Greater Washington, DC, area. Beware of third-party pet shippers. They charge double and triple the price for the same service.