Over Priced Third Party Shippers

Mar 6, 2020

We want to warn you to watch out for companies that overcharge customers. PetRelocation in Austin, TX; Happy Tails in Tucson, AZ; and Animal Land (petmovers.com) in Atlanta, GA are three of the biggest offenders. Others include:

Pet Express, San Francisco, CA
VIP in Portland, OR
AirAnimal, Tampa
Jet-A-Pet – Nationwide
Animals Away – Nationwide
PuppyTravel in Salt Lake City, UT
Airborne Animals, New Jersey
WorldPetTravel in Texas & Costa Rica
Cosmopolitan Canine Carriers, Connecticut (Not an IPATA Member)
Starwood Animal Transport, Houston, TX & Boston, MA
All Pet Travel in Tucson, AZ, & Associates
Pet Taxi Animal Transporters
Pet Taxi LA
Pet Taxi Los Angeles
Pet Shipping Los Angles
The LUXE Pet (Look out for this new one!)
Pender Air, Dulles,VA
Capital Pet, MD