Over Priced Third Party Shippers

Mar 6, 2020

We want to warn you to watch out for companies that overcharge customers. PetRelocation in Austin, TX; Happy Tails in Tucson, AZ; and Animal Land (petmovers.com) in Atlanta, GA are three of the biggest offenders. Others include:

Pet Express, San Francisco, CA
AirAnimal, Tampa/Orlando
Jet-A-Pet – Nationwide
Animals Away – Nationwide
Airborne Animals, New Jersey
WorldPetTravel in Texas & Costa Rica
Cosmopolitan Canine Carriers, Connecticut (Not an IPATA Member)
Starwood Animal Transport – Nationwide
All Pet Travel in Tucson, AZ, & Associates
Pet Taxi Animal Transporters
Pet Taxi LA
Pet Taxi Los Angeles
Pet Shipping Los Angeles
LUXE (AKA Pet Air)
Pender Air, Dulles,VA
Capital Pet, MD