Pender and Capital Pet Shippers

Mar 6, 2020

If you are using PENDER or CAPITAL pet shippers in the D.C. area, you are spending AT LEAST $4000 MORE than with us! If using a 3rd Party shipper AT LEAST $5000 More! Let us show you these TRUE facts!! We encourage you to get quotes from many shippers. ONLY then will you see that we are the most honest and least expensive, by far! Most IPATA shippers will try to talk you into services you do NOT need or want.. Many IPATA shippers will charge you for these services and NOT even mention them to you! This is why they REFUSE to ITEMIZE! They do NOT want you to know the truth!!

Many IPATA pet shippers use scare tactics to encourage you to use their services. EXAMPLE: PENDER AIR in Chantilly, VA They state on their website that due to their TSA certification as an IAC Carrier that your pet receives special treatment and protection. THIS IS TOTAL BUNK! PENDER tries to strike fear into you. They say that your pet going to their facility for security check is much better. They say if you do NOT use PENDER that the security check at the airport is very dangerous. That the pet must be taken out of the kennel and could get away. And that by not using Pender that the pet could be exposed to going thru an x-ray machine. ALL of this are total FALSEHOODS! We are a KNOWN SHIPPER. Pets are NOT taken out of the kennel. Pets are NEVER exposed to x-rays machines.

ITEMIZATIONS: We provide a TOTAL ITEMIZATION of ALL charges BEFORE you sign up with us. Of course this is an estimate of total charges. Final charges are ALWAYS VERY close…. Mr James T Bacon, an Attorney for Pender, advises me that every Pender client receives an itemized INVOICE once the airline check in has been completed… A little late for you to make adjustments if the pet is already on its flight!!