PET RELOCATION CO of Spicewood (Austin), Texas

Mar 6, 2020

An Honest and Sincere view from Our Perspective…… Pet Relocation’s Door to Door service is a MAJOR Rip Off. Do NOT be duped by their False Advertising…..

Pet Relocation of Austin, TX publishes a ‘Blog’ almost daily. It is quite common for them to publish mis-information and false info… For example: Their blog of 12 Jun 13 had TWO serious mistakes. Natalia wanted info re: shipping pets from Jakarta, Indonesia to Germany. Pet Relo urged Natalia to use ‘Pet Friendly’ Lufthansa airlines. Lufthansa has NOT had service to/from Jakarta for quite some time… Also, she was advised to secure the EU health certificate. The EU cert is NOT a health cert. Only reports microchip and rabies vac info. Also, info when titer tests results are required. Nicholas wanted info regarding shipping pets from Australia to Spain. (not going thru USA) PetRelo told Nicholas he would need to have the APHIS 7001 ??? This of course is totally false. The APHIS 7001 is the international health cert issued within USA ONLY…. In the past we have attempted to alert PetRelo of many such false statements. They have NEVER ackowledged these mistakes or ever made corrections….

NOTE: Lufthansa does now have seasonal service between Jakarta and Frankfurt……
If you attempt to get your info from Pet Relo in Austin, you just might be in for a VERY sad journey…. Just a Warning…

Pet Relocation absolutely has NO special contact with the pet in transit and refuses to itemize their services and charges. They do NOT want you to really know what you are paying these BIG bucks for. Just ask them to itemize….. Their door to door service is another ripoff. They get quotes for pickup and delivery, then, up these fees to you. Just check it out.

Try contacting anyone at PetRelo after normal business hours on weekdays….. NO luck ! Here at Action Pet Express, we are reachable 24 hours EVERYDAY !

3rd party pet shippers, such as: PetRelo, NEVER, EVER, have hands on your pet care. Everything is OUT-SOURCED. What are you paying for? Again….. You can reach these out-sourced agents YOURSELF, and save thousands of $$$

They pretend to provide supurb advice to our military families. Yet, appears NO one of their staff ever served their country…. I DID serve my country in the U.S Army back during the Korean War days.

We have just received a copy of a quote from our client, from PetRelocation to ship a rabbit from USA to Germany. ARE YOU SITTING DOWN? $3400!!!! They still refuse to itemize their charges. They lump all the services into one sum… United will ship this rabbit for $145 inclusive. Our charges would run $250 to $375 depending what’s needed. A pet shipper is NOT required… Lufthansa would be about $200 more and a pet shipper is required. And people use these 3rd party pet shippers!

Before you lockin with in Austin, TX you may want to read what some of their current and former employees have to say! May save you many thousands of dollars??