Searching for Pet Shippers in Washington, DC

Mar 6, 2020

Be AWARE! If you search for Pet Shipping needs from Washington, DC, the following 3rd party pet shippers usually show up FIRST:  STARWOOD ANIMAL TRANSPORT; ANIMAL LAND; HAPPY TAILS; and ANIMAL TRANSPORTATION WORLDWIDE. NONE of these have offices here.  They MUST contact a fellow IPATA member to continue on.  You are paying DEARLY  MUCH more for this service.  You should ALWAYS contact a local pet shipper for your needs.  Why pay a middleman thousands of dollars MORE?

CITIZENS PET SHIPPERS and uShip also often show up.  These are real rip-offs.  They put your needs out to bid.  People often provide you with a low bid just to get drug money!  Do NOT trust these firms.  You do NOT know really what type people are caring for your pets!