Dear Future Pets to the UK

I recently moved to the UK with two small dogs. I knew that ALL pet travel direct to UK from USA had to be as cargo ONLY… I contacted as many pet shippers (All IPATA members) as I could.  Their rates all were at least $4000 and up.  Then I found Action Pet Express.  Thankyou Lord… Jerry told me how I could take the dogs as excess baggage ALL the way via the Continent.  Had a delightful mini vacation in Paris… All in all saved at least $2000  NO IPATA person advised of this way…  I did NOT then have to use any pet shipper in USA.  Jerry provided this info FREE of charge… Not many people like him today.. I certainly recommend him to everyone planning any type of pet travel.  I have sent him a thank you check..

Sincerely,  Lillian Canfield   August 27, 2015