Recently my family and I PCS’d from Pope AFB, North Carolina to Ramstein, Germany.  I too contacted all the pet shippers in NC.  Found them on the ipata website.  What rip offs!  PCS PET TRANSPORT AT RALEIGH should be ashamed to state they are veterans then charge the prices they do.  We asked them for the charge to have a pet shipper at Frankfurt pick up and deliver to us.  You recommended that we contact the pet shippers at FRA directly.  Their quotes to us were a FRACTION of what PCS had quoted..   We had Action Pet drive down and they took our two dogs back to Washington Dulles to fly on Lufthansa direct to Frankfurt.  Jerry was totally open  with ALL Lufthansa charges.  None of the other pet shippers wanted to itemize..  We saved over a thousand dollars by using Action Pet Express..

MSGT  Glen Bryer    USAF  Germany    28 July 2015