Dear Jerry and Everyone at Action Pet Express

I really need to get this to you and all your readers…. YES, Pet Travel Store IS a total rip off,  Just as you say.

This past November my family and I, plus our several pets, relocated to Japan.  When we started our planning several months ago, we stumbled upon their web site and ordered their (rip off) package.  More than $60!! We soon came upon your site, and ALL the info was right there.  FREE   Their usage of the term Pet Passport is totally wrong.  There is NO Pet Passport for Japan, or anywhere else in the world except EUROPE, and Pet Passports are ONLY issued by European Veterinarians…..

I hope you can put a stop to their illegal operation!  I tried to call IPATA about this and they said they could not do anything about it. (Would not is a better term)..

Thank you for ALL your help and FREE consultations……

Frank and Marie Williams,  Osaka, Japan       4 Jan 17