Hello Pet Owners about to relocate!!!

PLEASE abide by the info provided by Action Pet Express!!!

Do NOT use IPATA 3rd party pet shippers!!! Regular pet shippers ok if you MUST… Recently we made a move from San Francisco to Italy.  We contacted several IPATA pet shippers from their website.  Settled on one from Tucson, AZ   What a disaster!  As soon as we advised them that our employer was paying for this I could just feel the price going up…. We were told that United to Rome would ONLY take a booking from IPATA members…. Nothing went right with the move…  TOO much for here….. I later found out from Action Pet Express that we could have shipped our pets to them, then they could have further shipped on Lufthansa to Rome.  We would have saved our boss nearly $3000 this way!!

Microsoft has found a NEW pet shipper to recommend.  Thank you Jerry

Ken and Mary Lou Carlson    May 14, 2016