My situation turned out to be complicated. I wanted to get my large dog to my son in Japan, Jerry’s clear instructions ensured I had a crate that was not turned away by the airlines….it had to be custom built…if this happens to you just search for carpenters. I drove from Kentucky to Dulles just to be told the airline had a pet embargo. While I was panicked due to being in a hotel and having a rental truck to transport the crate, Jerry jumped into action. He made a reservation at a kennel he was very familiar with. He knew they would take good care of my dog and not overcharge me. I went home, but after several days the embargo had still not been lifted. Jerry changed airlines to Qatar but for some strange reason they only take money orders. I tell you about this part so you know one of the most important things about Jerry… trustworthy he is and he will get the job done. I wired him the money, over $2,000, and he bought money orders and paid for my dog’s flight. The flight was booked and he got my dog out. My dog is now safe and very happy with my son in Japan. Thank you Jerry!!

Cathie Knight – 2019