We are with the Department of State and were posted to South Africa.  At the time we were living in Phoenix.  We have two dogs and one cat to relocate.  This all happened in March.  Had NO idea how to go about it.  Stumbled upon ipata.  (using small letters as they do NOT even deserve that!)  Contacted pet shippers in Tucson, Phoenix and elsewhere.. With the quotes we got we seriously thought we might have to give up at least our large dog.  Then we saw your ad in the Foreign Service Journal.  Needless to say you were a LIFE saver.  We shipped pets to you using United and you shipped from Dulles directly to ZA.  Total cost was $3000 less than the lowest cost quote we had and nearly $7000 less than from Pet Relocation in Texas.  Your expose of Happy Tails was also most useful.  Thank you SO much

No Name Please Now in South Africa April 17, 2015